Episode 97: Q&A — Jason Addresses Feeling Like the Odd Man Out

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It probably won’t come as a surprise to anyone reading this that sometimes male yogis can feel like the odd man out in yoga classes that are mostly filled with women. (Even Jason, who’s been teaching yoga for 20 years, admits to feeling more comfortable in a gym setting than the yoga studio.) Perhaps, that’s why yoga for men has become a recent phenomenon.

So, we decided to give male listeners some TLC this week by answering their questions. While we focus on yoga for men in this episode, it has tons of insights for women who want to relate to the men in their classes and for teachers who want to help their male students.

Besides, whatever your gender, we’ve all struggled with feeling like the only person in class who can’t do something, right?

We talk about:

* What it’s like to be a male in a majority female yoga class and some good news for men who feel uncomfortable — there are more and more men finding their way into yoga studios

* Yoga for Men: How to handle the awkwardness and frustration associated with being the tightest person in a yoga class (which is something that is not just relevant to men, by the way!)

* Modifications for tight shoulders in poses where you interlace the fingers behind the back

* How to apply lessons from strength training to the yoga practice

* Tips for yoga teachers who want to help people who are really struggling with poses

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Summer Series! Understanding Your Super-Awesome (and Complex) Shoulders

Essential Sequence: Neck, Shoulders, and Upper Back


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  1. Was I hearing things, or was that an ad for a sports betting site at the beginning at the ending of the episode? It was mixed pretty low, but it definitely sounded like gambling advertising. I was honestly surprised and a little upset by this. Normally you do a great job of aligning your advertisers with the values of this podcast. But gambling is a serious problem in the in the United States. According to Rehab International, 2.5 million adults in the United States suffer from compulsive gambling, 3 million are considered problem gamblers, another 15 million are under risk of becoming program gamblers. Based on sheer numbers, you probably have at least one listener who fits one to one of these categories.

    I urge you to reconsider advertising that encourages self-destructive behaviors.

    • Hi Allyson! My gosh, I will look into this. I certainly have never accepted gambling advertising. And the company that I work with doesn’t take any liquor or cigarette ads, so I would be really surprised if they did. Thank you for the heads’ up. I am emailing them right now. Andrea

      • I did hear the gambling ad. My guess, it could be a 3rd party add-on from some listeners’ server provider.

        • I did not hear…sorry. Didn’t read it before sending.

  2. Great podcast thank you! as a new yoga teacher myself I really appreciate your insights.


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