Episode 206: “The Pelvis is Everything” with Judith Hanson Lasater

If you’ve practiced yoga for awhile, it’s likely that you’ve heard a sweeping generalization about alignment in a pose. Often these generalizations get passed around until they become cemented as absolute truths — when in fact, they’re really just true under certain conditions at certain times. Or they’re simply myths.

My guest today is Judith Hanson Lasater, who addresses all of this in her newest book, “Yoga Myths: What You Need to Learn and Unlearn for a Safe and Healthy Yoga Practice.”

Here are a few highlights from our conversation:

* We talk about how she is handling shelter-in-place and how it’s affected her teaching

* Her thoughts on “right and wrong” in yoga and how she frames that conversation instead

* 3 common cues you might hear in yoga class that she says are based on myths about the body

* When it’s appropriate to question something that you’ve learned from your yoga teacher

* Why she says the pelvis is everything!


Pre-order Judith’s book and get 30% off:Yoga Myths: What You Need to Learn and Unlearn for a Safe and Healthy Yoga Practice by Judith Hanson Lasater

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Books mentioned in the episode:
Influenza: The 100 Year Hunt to Kill the Deadliest Disease in History

Pelvic Liberation: Using Yoga, Self-Inquiry, and Breath Awareness for Pelvic Health by Leslie Howard


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