Episode 18: Jason Crandell – How to Select a Teacher Training Program

Hi everyone!

We’ve gotten many questions recently about teacher training that we decided to do an episode that answers common questions. Doing a yoga teacher training is a huge investment — both financially and in terms of your time. It can be a wonderfully transformative experience, but it’s worth doing your research and thinking about what is going to best meet your needs.

Jason and I talk about:
* Whether you should stick with a local teacher or travel to do a training with a well-known teacher (his answer might surprise you).
* Considerations in terms of format — monthlong intensive? two week modules? six months of weekends?
* How vital it is to continue your education even after completing a foundational 200-hour training
* Are there different things to consider if you just want to deepen your practice vs. wanting to teach?
* Plus, we talk about what types of information and skills an advanced 300-hour training can provide.

Last thing: We are in the midst of content development and would love to know what you’d like to see more of, so we created a super quick 6-question survey. We’d love it if you’d spend a minute of your time offering us feedback! Take the survey here.

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Jason’s 2017 Teacher Training in San Francisco
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  1. Really interesting podcast. Can I ask what your view is on becoming a teacher through a TT before you have reached a level of depth / experience in your own practice? Although I am interested, I am not yet decided on whether I want to be a teacher, but i definitely want to deepen my own experience of yoga through a course.

    I am deciding on whether better to do a year long immersion course with a respected teacher (there is one available) which doesn’t result in a teaching qualification or to take a full TT……Do you have any advice on this as I am not sure the best route to take in my position. It seems many people dive into a teacher training so wondering if any benefit in not doing this?On the other hand a teacher training would allow me to see if teaching suits me. Thanks for any help!

    • Many people dive into teacher training and they have lots of fun. My only caution would be to make sure there’s no “funny business” going on ala Bikrahm, John Friend – I mean someone might be a fantastic athlete and a great teacher and a grand manipulator – sorry, the three are not mutually exclusive.

      Long or short depends on what you want out of the experience. I opted for long, the first time because I wanted to absorb all aspects of the business, i.e. how the classes were paced, exposure to all the many teachers at the studio, the marketing aspects – I was able to observe all at my leisure.

      Other people, who have been hanging around yoga-world for years want a weekend or two week teacher training just for the certification so they can hurry up and teach. If you’re sure you want to dive in and teach shortest possible is most cost effective. If you’re not sure, long gives you the most time to observe and decide.

      I find cost, time and proximity things to consider. Maybe a year long study in Costa Rica would be a blast, but maybe you have kids and all and can’t do that.

      as far as seeing if teaching “suits” you, why not ask your favorite teacher to coffee and have a conversation about what you imagine teaching to be, and what she thinks of your image.? If your favorite teacher won’t go, ask another one. . .ask at least three. And then forget about what they said and do what feels right.

      My sense is you wouldn’t be asking if you didn’t want to do it – – I think you’ll have tons of fun no matter what happens. I salute you on your journey


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