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Create Meaningful and Effective Vinyasa Yoga Sequences

Need help developing meaningful, authentic, and effective yoga sequences? The Art of Yoga Sequencing online course will arm you with the knowledge, inspiration, and technique you need to generate fresh, safe sequences that represent your voice and vision as a teacher. Learn how to create effective sequences for each posture category including arm balances, backbends, forward bends, twists, and inversions.

The yoga sequencing for teachers

course is right for you if:


  • You want the essential techniques for every posture group, including how to prepare for and conclude each posture category.
  • You need the tools to develop safe, effective yoga sequencing that represents your voice and builds your student-base.
  • You want to gain confidence creating mixed level yoga classes while meeting the needs of beginners and experienced students.
  • You crave the support, inspiration, and knowledge that will allow you to teach effective, authentic and purposeful yoga classes.
  • You want to refine your teaching of basic and challenging postures such as Bridge Pose, Revolved Triangle, Bakasana, Handstand, Upward-Facing Bow, and Hanumanasana, and more.


Core Content


This yoga sequencing for teachers program contains 7 modules and provides approximately 30-hours of continuing education. It includes lectures, practice, sequencing templates, downloadable sequences, reflection questions, key teaching points for each posture group, and a curated list of YogaGlo classes that complement the module. Content is available for as long as you need.


You will receive:

  • 30+ hours of professionally-produced lecture, discussion, and practice video.
  • Sequencing templates for each posture group–so you can create your own sequences within an effective, safe structure.
  • 20+ prepared sequences to practice and teach.
  • New yoga sequences every month to keep your practice and teaching fresh.
  • Feedback on your sequencing
  • 35+ recommended YogaGlo classes to practice and study


Course Outline

  • Yoga Sequencing for teachers with authenticity and purpose
  • Turning Inward: Sequencing for safe, effective forward bends
  • Creating Space and Freedom: How to Sequence for safe, effective backbends
  • Letting Go of Tension: Sequencing for safe, effective twists
  • Taking Flight: Sequencing for strong, stable arm-balancing
  • Inversions: Teaching Handstand, Forearm Balance, Headstand, and Shoulderstand
  • Beyond the Asanas: How to sequence for contemplative and energetic themes

About Jason

Jason Crandell, is a natural teacher and author with more than 15 years of experience. His accessible, grounded classes integrate the best elements of power yoga, anatomical precision and mindfulness teachings. With a “knack for teaching subtle body movements in a way that everyone can understand” (Yoga Journal), Jason’s articulate, down-to-earth teaching will educate and empower you.

Named “one of the teachers shaping the future of yoga” by Yoga Journal, Jason has been one of the most in-demand teachers at conferences around the world for over a decade. Considered a “teachers-teacher”, Jason has taught on countless teacher-training faculties, leads trainings globally, and regularly presents teacher-training content at esteemed conferences.

Jason is a contributing editor for Yoga Journal Magazine where he has published over 25 articles. His critical-thinking skills will support you on your path of practice, teaching and self-inquiry.

Jason’s primary teacher is Rodney Yee, who was kind enough to say, “Jason is taking the art of teaching yoga to its next level.”

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