Episode 167: Feel the Heat — The Pros and Cons of Yoga in a Heated Room

One of the more polarizing topics in modern yoga is the merits (and potential dangers) of doing yoga in a heated room. (To be clear, we’re not talking about Bikram or Bikram-derived sequences in this ep; but vinyasa in a heated room.) So, this week Jason and I share what we believe are the pros and cons: How can you assess whether it’s better for you physically? Does it encourage mental steadiness or is it distracting? And can you really “sweat out toxins?” All this and more this week!


Check out our updated blog and our whole section devoted to sequences here Here are a few really popular sequences if you want to go directly there: Essential Sequences for Low Back Pain 30-Minute Morning Sequence Quick Hip Openers 30-Minute Whole Body Sequence How to Avoid Common Yoga Injuries Episode 104: Julia Lowrie Henderson – Behind the Scenes of ESPN’s “Bikram” Podcast Series


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  1. Love this episode and love the new look website, easy to navigate and full of info. Brilliant work guys

    • Thanks so much, Michelle!


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