Episode 164: How to Nail Your Yoga Teaching Audition

You want to leave your yoga audition with a big fist pumped saying, “Nailed it,” right? This week’s episode can help — Jason gets real about how to ride the waves of the modern yoga job audition, where you get a very short amount of time to showcase your skills, your approach, and your personality. ⁠He offers his thoughts as well as some commiseration. Here’s an overview of what we cover: * The one thing that the yoga teacher hiring manager is likely looking for from yoga teacher auditions * Keep it simple. Give a few solid instructions for each pose, take your time, and make contact with the students. * How to handle nerves and step into the role of the teacher, even when you don’t feel confident * What to do if you don’t get the job + some encouragement for yoga teachers who are in the process of establishing themselves


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1 Comment

  1. Just want to comment on the podcast Episode 164- Nailing your Audition.

    I have been teaching for about 9 months, and have a regular at the studio where I did teacher training and a class at a local church. Looking to add a class, and looking for the experience, I went to a group audition at a gym franchise.

    The email said to prepare a 2 minute sequence. We would get feedback, and then repeat it again. I thought long and hard, and planned a chair, chair twist, high lunge, warrior 2 flow. Nailed it at 2 regular classes over the past few weeks. Allll good.

    The group audition started and there were about 14 people-half yoga and half zumba/cardio/high energy dance blends etc. The idea that each person would teach to the group of aspiring teachers. The format, however was so weird. The general fitness manager had the audition ALTERNATE between yoga and high energy. So 4 minutes of zumba, then roll out the mats, change the music, take your shoes off, 4 minutes of yoga. Put your shoes back on, roll up the mats, dance like a lunatic. Take off your shoes, roll out the mat, change the music, get into yoga. Whiplash, anyone?

    Needless to say, transitioning from zumba to yoga and back again is not really ideal for the mindset or focus. It would take the whole time to begin to regulate the breath to even move safely. Also, I am COMPLETELY incapable of doing zumba, have never done it ever, and so that was a real challenge. Also there was a stage and mirrors on all 4 walls. I was completely unprepared for that.

    I doubt I’ll be hearing back from them!


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