Episode 138: The Art of Teaching Asana to Beginners

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We all start out as beginners. But that doesn’t mean that teaching beginning yoga students is intuitive. In this episode of our Begin Again series, Jason tackles the specifics of teaching asana to beginning students. Jason shares:

* Why it’s important to help students pay attention to their whole experience in a particular pose, not just the muscle or muscle groups that they’re stretching

* How to help students avoid comparing themselves to other students (or to what they were able to do in the past if they’re beginning again after stepping away for a while)

* A skillful way to teach breath and movement in a vinyasa-based class

* Why power, precision, and mindfulness are the three elements Jason focuses on most when he teaches beginners


Episode 136: Yoga Philosophy for Beginners

Episode 135: Jason’s Tips for Teaching Beginners (And Beginning Again)

The Art of Teaching Beginners Course with Jason


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  1. I had so many lightbulb moments listening to this episode!!!
    Thank you so much!

    • That’s great to hear! Thank you, Gudrun. Warmly, Andrea

  2. This series of teaching to beginners is incredible! Thanks for all you both do. I went and immediately purchased the art of teaching beginners from Glo to prep for a beginners series I’m teaching in a few weeks…but unfortunately, 2 days after purchasing it I still can’t access the course and so far have had no help from Glo support.

    • Glo has since reached out and corrected the problem. Hopefully it’ll smooth sailing from here. The course is amazing so far! Highly recommend it.

  3. Hi Andrea and Jason,!

    I’m a huge fan of you guys! I have a question! Maybe it’s a little bit silly but…. Jason is talking about putting together a
    Curriculum but how do you start with that? How do you put a curriculum together?

    Thank you just for reading this! Really appreciate it!

    Greeting out of Belgium!


    • Not a silly question! This is something Jason teaches in his advanced teacher trainings. He also covers it in his Art of Sequencing course, which we are running again at the end of September. If you haven’t already, jump on our mailing list because I will announce registration there.

      All best,


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