Episode 136: Yoga Philosophy for Beginners

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In this second episode of our Begin Again series, we talk about what keeps us motivated to practice when yoga is feeling stagnant and Jason offers useful tips for teachers who are faced with the difficult (but rewarding!) task of teaching yoga to beginners.

He also talks about how to introduce philosophy to beginning students and how to motivate students to keep coming back to their mats.

Here’s an overview of the episode:

* Why beginning again can be a great thing even for experienced yoga practitioners

* Some common mistakes yoga teachers make when they teach beginners

* How to approach teaching philosophy to beginners in a way that doesn’t confuse or overwhelm

* How he navigates sharing the philosophical dimensions of yoga so that they are useful to everyone regardless of their cultural and ideological belief systems

* Tips for being a good host to new students and why he thinks that’s a key component to keeping students motivated

*BONUS: Jason explains some of the yamas and niyamas and puts them into a modern context


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Coming Soon! The Art of Teaching Beginners Course with Jason

Episode 117: Jason’s Favorite Non-Asana Yoga Books


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  1. I love your podcast! Thank you both for all the juicy wisdom you share with us all! I listen to you both while I drive an hour to work & you get me all fired up and so excited to teach yoga again & of course to get back on the mat postpartum. My question is, where can I find the list of recommended books? I’ve clicked around but I can’t find it! Thank you!

  2. Thank you Andrea for all that you do in bringing inspiring content to the yoga world.
    Your honesty, wit and insights are much appreciated.
    Please share the book list you spoke of in episode 136.

  3. Great Podcast. I lot of confirmation for my teaching style and I LOT new thing I learn today.
    Keep shining ✨ Andrea & Jason

  4. Jason just said “I’m an extremely secular person.”
    I am too…but I’m also a psychologist. This leads me to incorporate themes into EVERY yoga class as I teach. Sometimes these are related to yoga philosophy (e.g., Sutra 2.46, Comfort and Ease), and sometimes not.
    Although I like both Andrea and Jason, I kind of got the message from this podcast that sometimes class just needs to focus on the asana and that’s it; it felt a little like talking down to those (like me) who teach in another way.
    I agree that some students might want that–I will send them to Jason’s class! But I will also continue to teach my way. 😉

  5. Love Love Love this podcast. It is literally just what I needed right now. I am a new teacher, and feel like I really need a support system around me right now, to tell me that it’s ok when that one student looks bored, or when another one demands a more ‘dynamic’ class 🙂 Thanks you for making me feel supported and safe to continue my yoga teaching journey with this fantastic, free content <3


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