Summer Series 2018: Is it possible to balance effort and ease?

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We’ve gotten several questions from listeners about how to find the right balance between working hard and surrendering during yoga postures. How to find that elusive balance of two seemingly conflicting ideals, whether on our yoga mats or in our lives, leaves many of us scratching our heads.

Like so many things in yoga, the answer is complicated. But in this episode, Jason and I share some of our insights and do our best to tackle the question.

Here’s what we cover:

* What Patanjali wrote about the idea of effort and ease in The Yoga Sutra and how Jason interprets it

* What Joel Kramer meant by “playing the edge” in yoga postures and how Jason and I approach the concept

* Practical advice for when to work hard and when to back off

* How to tell whether physical limitations are in the structure of the joint or the soft tissue

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  1. In listening to your podcast, I do have a few questions for Jason.

    He mentioned there are other ways to move through sequencing rather than Vinyasa. Being newer to the teaching platform, what are some best transition moves that Jason would be alternatives for a vinyasa flow?

    Also dealing with an SI issue on my right hip, any suggestions on what to do while moving to not aggravate this? Any special holding with contractions that would help this SI issue.


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