Episode 90: All About Your Fascia with Jill Miller (Part II)

Jill Miller Podcast | Yogaland Podcast

This week on the podcast, we continue our conversation with Jill Miller to learn even more about the mysterious (and amazing!) connective tissue that literally holds our bodies together, fascia.

We learn more about:
* What the three different layers of fascia are, how each layer functions, and why each one is important
* Where in your own body you can feel the different textures of fascia
* What happens to the fascia when you stretch your muscles
* How to use tools like therapy balls, a yoga mat, or even a hard wood floor to create awareness from the skin to the deep fascia (Hint: Less is more)
* Whether rolling on therapy balls is more effective before or after exercise

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Fascia: What It Is and Why It Matters, by David Lesondak

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  1. I so appreciate these podcasts, Andrea and Jason; I particularly loved the episodes with Robyn, and Jill. I’m now living in the Highlands of Scotland, which is wonderful, but I do miss geeking out with my US yoga tribe. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and for keeping the fire burning!


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