Episode 80: Bonus Episode! How to Craft Your Own Short, Effective Home Yoga Sequences

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You’ve probably heard people say that a short yoga practice is better than no yoga practice. Jason and I heartily agree — but it can still be hard to carve out the time. I think the root problem is that it’s hard to step on your mat solo and know what to do. This episode will help you get over the avoidance. We talk strategy and Jason offers three concrete, easy approaches to creating a home practice sequence that suits your mood, your energy level, and your time crunch.

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Sun Salutations Sequence: Surya Namaskar A
Sun Salutations Sequence: Surya Namaskar B
30-Minute Morning Sequence
Evening Wind-Down Sequence
Whole Body Sequence

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  1. Various things to say: My five year old daughter has been shouting, “No!” at Christmas trees during November and occasionally pointing at them and declaring, “wrong!” And we don’t even have Thanksgiving in the UK. I experience a mixture of pride and embarrassment.

    Also, my mat being out has been a bone of contention in the house. I’m not the tidy one.

    Main point: The podcast has had a profound impact on my practice and my teaching. It’s such a valuable resource as well as being imbued with a sense of community, which is brilliant for the teacher who can feel isolated going it alone on a day to day basis. I also often find myself commenting out loud as if you can hear me. I’m still chuckling at the ‘belt’ argument from this episode. There’s no question that you need to continue this.

    I’d love an episode on teacher fatigue and adrenal fatigue; there’s definitely a lot of fatigue (and anxiety) to be faced together.

    Enough! Happy advent to all of you.

    • Hi Viv! Apologies for the late response — we changed our spam filter and messages weren’t coming to me for awhile. I LOVE that your daughter does that, too! Such funny little beings. And it makes me so happy that our conversations are helpful. Love to you and your family, Andrea


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