Episode 62: The Bonus Ep in Which We Answer Your Summer Series Questions

Hi everyone!

On this special bonus episode, Jason and I answer your questions that came up during the summer series. Thanks, as always, for sending in your questions. It helps us plan episodes!

We talk about why the cue to keep the feet parallel in Wheel Pose came about (and is it really necessary?), I offer some help for hurting knees, ideas for strengthening the “pull muscles,” and Locust Pose alternatives during pregnancy.

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  1. Love, love, love the yogaland podcast but especially love the ones with Jason and/or episodes where yoga form is discussed and common cues looked at and critiqued. Keep them coming!! Thank you for doing this podcast!!

  2. I absolutely love your podcast and learn so much each time. It would be even more fantastic if you had more episodes with Jason like the summer series ones you did. The amount of information I have learned as a teacher from listening to you both is priceless and I appreciate all the work you both do. The knowledge you openly give back to the yoga community is beyond a mere thank you. Here is to hoping I can one day take a 300 hour training with Jason and learn even more about the importance of locust.


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