Episode 6: Kathryn Budig – Body Positivity, Hard Work, & Aiming True

Hello Yogaland!

On this episode I talk to Kathryn Budig. Kathryn (@kathrynbudig) is an internationally celebrated yoga teacher and she’s just come out with her second book, Aim True: Love Your Body Eat Without Fear Nourish Your Spirit and Discover True Balance.

I’ve known Kathryn for about a decade and she’s the real deal — a gem in the yoga world. She’s hard-working, deeply knowledgeable, an adept practitioner, a compassionate teacher, and a creative, funny soul. In the course of our talk she shared:

* The story behind her “Aim True” message
* The surprising pose that was out reach for her when she started practicing
* Thoughts on body dysmorphia and creating healthier body image within the yoga community
* The importance of honing your craft instead of focusing on popularity
* Her favorite and least favorite yoga poses
* How she came up with the term “meat suit”

And many more interesting tidbits. I hope you enjoy it.

“I get comments like, ‘Oh it’s so great to see you be so comfortable with your body.’ I’m a size 4. If my size 4 body is viewed as something that isn’t tiny in the yoga world, we’re doing something severely wrong.” — Kathryn Budig

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Kathryn’s Web Site
Kathryn’s talk on body image: I Am a Real Woman & So is Every Other Woman
Kathryn’s Aim True Yoga Sequence
Kathryn’s Go To Energy Bar Recipe
6 Steps to Create a Simple At-Home Yoga Practice

Maty Ezraty
Jessamyn Stanley
‘Fat shaming’ doesn’t work, a new study says
Two studies link unhealthy weight to poor body image

Jahzzhar — Flutter
Ketsa — Milk
Nick Jaina — Don’t Come to Me

{photos by Cheyenne Ellis Photography}

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  1. Hi Andrea! I get so excited when I see a new podcast. I listen in my car in Chicago rush hour traffic and feel like the time is productive, thought provoking and even soothing. No small miracle! I was once again intrigued by the social media discussion (keep it coming), particularly some of Kathryn’s comments. I certainly have my own feelings of frustration about it and the pressure so many of us feel because of it. I have heard so many teachers say that social media is just something we “have” to do as teachers and I’m really starting to wonder about this. In a world that it flooded with yoga teachers and studios all trying to promote what they are doing, differentiating yourself in this space to effectively promote yourself is so hard. For many of us, just because we do it, doesn’t make it impactful to the number of students in classes or workshops. And though I recognize that all jobs require things that we don’t like, it seems like this “doing it because we have to” is eating away at something very important related to how we view this practice. If we weren’t comfortable doing it in the first place and the outcomes are questionable or non-existent, it feels like a double whammy. I don’t want to be overly idealistic, but as students and teachers I hope we can keep a good check on how much we do because we “have” to. I do think open, honest acknowledgement and discussion on this stuff is so helpful so I love what your podcast contributes to the yoga space. Thank you! xo:)

  2. Great interview with Kathryn Budig! Looking forward to checking out her new book. And I look forward to listening to your next episode! Your podcast is such a gift in the yoga world.

    • Thanks so much, Renee! I’m loving it and so glad to hear that people are out there listening!

  3. Andrea, I am a yogi and yoga teacher in Cleveland Ohio and am a HUGE fan of you and Jason. I took Jason’s sequencing course on yogaglo as soon as I finished my 200 hour TT and follow his work. I also love your blog and had to write to tell you how much I love the podcast. It’s incredibly special to be able to hear these important conversations with leaders in the yoga community. Thank you for starting the conversation in this manner, for covering topics near and dear to my heart as both a student and a teacher, and for making these important voices accessible. Namaste.

    • Thank you so much, Sindy! So delighted to have you as a listener and even happier to hear that the podcast resonates with you. All the best, Andrea

  4. Love this episode, thanks Andrea!

    • Thank you! And thanks for listening.

  5. I enjoyed your podcast. I listened to it while waiting for my kids from school and I would say I learned something from this episode.


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