Summer Series! Ep 5: Aspects of the Core We Tend to Ignore

The core is an often-obsessed about part of the body, and yogis are no exception. In this episode, Jason breaks down the component parts that make up the core. He also offers three ideas for tapping into those parts we ignore — from paying attention to rotation, to the paraspinal muscles to learning to, at least once in a while, let your core go and let it all hang out.

As promised, an anatomical view of the core (and many of the muscles we mention in the episode). To learn more, check out the related links below.

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Yoga and Your Core, Part 1
Yoga and Your Core, Part II

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  1. Jason has been singing the praises of locust pose in the past few episodes, and I am now a believer. However, I am pregnant. Currently, I am only 14 weeks and still comfortable lying on my belly, so locust is OK for me. However, I eventually WILL have a baby bump, and I was wondering if you could offer any modifications/alternatives for locust pose so I can continue to strengthen the back body as I get further along in my pregnancy. Thank you, and love the podcast!

    • I think that’s a great question, Mary, and I’ve been thinking through some other options myself, just to mix things up. We’ll answer this in a new episode. Thanks, Andrea


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