Summer Series! Ep 1: Creative Ways to Inspire Your Practice This Summer

It’s summer! My favorite season. But, I will admit, that I tend to be more loosey goosey in the summer about EVERYTHING, which means that sometimes my yoga practice falls by the wayside. With that in mind, I decided to create a special summer series with Jason! It’s been fun putting together six extra-special episodes for you all and I truly hope it inspires you.

For the first episode, we offer 10 Creative Ways to Inspire Your Practice This Summer. (If you want a written version of the episode, you can click here to go to the blog post.) Otherwise, listen below!

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Episode 228: Jason talks about the six cores of yoga

Today, Jason shares his approach to the six cores in yoga -- the philosophical core, the traditional hatha yoga core, the respiratory core, the skeletal core, and the two muscular cores. RECOMMENDED AND RELATED LINKS: Jason's Advanced Yoga Teacher Training  WRITE A...

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Episode 220: On Yoga and Leadership

Today Jason and I dive into the topic of leadership in the yoga community. People love their yoga teachers--a lot! And while there’s a lot of good that comes from that, it can also set up an unbalanced power dynamic. We talk about the student-teacher power...

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Episode 212: How to Stay in Your Lane as a Yoga Teacher

What do you do when a student comes to you hoping you can help them with an injury? Just what is appropriate or inappropriate? How can you help students heal while not overstepping into the realm of medical clinician? Find out on today's episode! RECOMMENDED AND...

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  1. Love it.. clear and short tips to push me to the mat and start my practice! Thanks!!

    • You’re welcome, Catherine! Thanks for listening.

  2. Great tips. I am one of those people that takes group yoga and I don’t do it at home because it doesn’t feel like a group. Today, 6/20/17, I decided to try this yogaland. I live with RRMS and I do yoga in a group only on Monday’s.

    • Hi Faith! I’m so happy to hear the episode inspired you. Let us know how it goes and if you have any questions. Warmly, Andrea

  3. Your podcasts are so great, Andrea! I look forward to them and each time I listen, I learn something new! Thank you!!! I use YogaGlo on a regular basis, and now that summer is here (no more driving my children to and from school), I have time for an extended early morning yoga practice ~ hooray! Thank you, and keep up the great work!!!

    • Thanks, Heather! That is so great about the morning practice. I hadn’t considered how great it would feel to get a reprieve from the drop-offs, but I’m loving it, too!

  4. Thank you, love it, I am on vacation and usually bad with home practice, I do not lack motivation just busy mom but i find myself while on vacation working on my (hate) yoga postures. Also enjoy the Yoga on my Sub Board, great for Balance…. Yeah!!!

  5. I wonn’t feel bad for shortening my practice during summer!! I feel happy with the idea that doesn’t matter how short.. but keep it constant! =) yess.. that will be my goal this summer! Kisses to you both and have a great summer too!

    • That’s great, Aline! Consistency is key. Much love to you! Andrea


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