Episode 41: Deborah Burkman — You Are Enough

In this age of insta-celebrity and everyone chasing their 15 minutes of fame, it’s refreshing to talk to a long-term, successful yoga teacher. Deborah Burkman is one such person. She’s been teaching for 17 years, in many settings, and loves her job. She’s not famous and, at this point in her life and career, she’s grateful for that.

We talk through some nitty gritty logistics, e.g., how long it took Deb to feel confident and financially stable in her teaching and how she crafts a balanced schedule for herself. But this podcast has some great reminders for trying to find contentment in any career path. One of her main messages: Find your purpose and come back to that. And know that who you are is enough.

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  1. Dear Andrea,
    I love your Podcast! Thank you so so much for all the great people I get to know!! And so much I can learn! Now this interview with Deborah Burkman realy got to me. I liked her honesty and down to earth attitude, that there is the possibility and the need for Yogateachers outside of all the social media celebrity hype! And the way she works/ lives the Yoga Sutra!
    I also liked the last episodes with the topic of the Yoga Sutra! And I would like more of those. 🙂

    Thanks again for your great work with this Podcast!!!
    Best wishes,

    • Thanks so much, Anne! I’m so happy to get the feedback and I’m grateful that the podcast speaks to you!

  2. Hi Andrea, this podcast came at the right time in my teaching career. I also liked the interweaving of the Sutras; I wrote Deborah’s interpretation of 2:1 as the inspirational page in the beginning of my teaching notebook. Thank you for bringing a yoga community to those of us who live in more remote areas! Kind Regards, Karen

    • Thanks so much for the feedback, Karen! So glad to hear it was helpful to you. Warmly, Andrea

  3. I found this incredibly helpful and timely. The teachers I trained with are fans and this subject of ‘being enough’ was absolutely both the foundation of our training in London and also something you constantly have to practice. I was also really inspired by the practical application of the Sutras and the need to constantly bring yourself back to the essence of teaching as a service and whether your teaching is embodied. Thank you; I’ve really been enjoying all of the content and find the site so generous and incredibly useful.

    • Thank you, Viv! It makes me so genuinely happy to hear that we can be of service.

  4. Hi Andrea,

    Absolutely loving these podcasts. I found the one with Deborah Burkman particularly touching. As a new teacher (2 years fulltime) I sometimes find myself crumbling under the pressure to be everything to everyone and to also look good, wear the latest leggings (even though I cannot afford them) and at times I can feel the beginnings of resentment creep up. It’s so refreshing to hear a normal yoga teachers story. Someone just working hard to better those around her. Her story reminded me why I teach and I feel that a lot of newer teachers should be hearing more of these stories. Her dedication to her students, her love of serving the community is what makes her story so inspiring. I too wanted to teach so that I could help others but in the last few months I feel like I’ve been preoccupied with making sure my social media and website is ‘looking good’. It doesn’t make me feel better and I have found myself asking what will be enough? Today I have spent time reflecting on what drew me to teaching and I am making an effort to bring my attention back to that. Please keep sharing the stories of many normal but inspiring teachers!

    Also loved the podcast with Maty!!!

  5. I appreciated the energy and honesty between you both. As a yoga instructor I have found it difficult to witness the commercialization of yoga. As a pain patient I felt compelled to share my experience living with persistent pain due to a motorcycle accident and decided (thanks to the support of my dear friends) to hire a business coach to help me “turn my mess into my message.” She instructed me to create a summit. (Thank you Andrea for helping me on my project.) I struggled with the marketing and promotional aspects, which didn’t feel authentic, I cried and resisted productivity and creativity more than once. At the end of my summit, I received the most touching emails from folks around the world, who also live with persistent pain, they shared their stories (about injuries or illnesses), they reached out and felt a connection that I could not have made in the limited space of my home yoga studio. The challenge of keeping my intention of creating a platform that people in pain could utilize to get educated, empowered and encouragement to help them on their pain journey and following a specific business model to reach them was quite real. Many people suffer – if I helped just one person learn about pain science, meditation, nutrition, etc, then the days of emailing and researching and creating something that was helpful made it all worth it. And a beautiful reminder why I decided to teach yoga in the first place.

    • This is so great, Raquel! I’m genuinely happy to hear that all of your hard work was well-received and helpful. And so happy to be a part of it. Warmly, Andrea


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