Episode 31: Bo Forbes – Self-Care for Empaths (A Neuropsych Extravaganza)

Hello everyone!

This week my guest is the effervescent, beautiful human Bo Forbes. Bo spent years as a practicing psychologist and is now a yoga teacher with a keen interest in neuropsychology. Every time I talk to Bo, I’m pretty much stunned by her depth of knowledge, her insight, and the lovely way she has about her. This conversation was supposed to be about her step-by-step system for helping people who are overly empathic. BUT, well…I just couldn’t help but ask her about so many different aspects of her life, her training, and her teaching, which is why I’m calling this episode A Neuropsych/Yoga Extravaganza. We talk about:

* Her early childhood on the Seneca reservation and how it informed her sense of interconnectedness at a young age
* How she started incorporating mindfulness practices into her clinical practice and how her clients responded
* Default mode — a system of wiring in the brain pioneered by Norman Farb that governs our tendency to ruminate or judge the past, present, and future.
* Direct experience mode — how meditation and mindfulness practices can help us recognize default mode when it’s happening and experience the present without judgement
* Empathy — why so many yoga teachers consider “empathic distress” and how to establish boundaries
* How connective tissue work helps her reset and come out of empathic distress

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Bo’s Online Courses: Yoga, Mindfulness, Neuroscience, the Body, and Contemplative Practice & Integrative Yoga Therapeutics
I Feel Your Pain: An Empath’s Guide to Staying Balanced by Bo Forbes
Bo’s Fascial Release for the Trapezius
Happiness Toolkit: Bo’s Simple Belly Massage

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Ryan Cullinane — Beach Vibes with Drums
Ryan Little — Wonderstruck

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  1. This was all so very interesting and ties into so much of what I’m interested in learning. Love Bo’s work! Glad that you did the little detour, in the beginning, to learn more about her background and also the science behind default and direct experience modes. Would love to have you do more interviews with her. Thanks for this very real and thought-provoking conversation, Andrea.

    • Thank you for the feedback Jody! It’s so appreciated and I will definitely have Bo on again!

  2. Andrea, first let me say I love your podcast and listen to every episode. I had to stop listening to this one though, because the quality was so poor. Maybe it was my car radio, but it sounded like Bo was in a tin can. I do, however, always listen in my car on the way to work and have never had this problem. Anyhoo…I can tell you’re a woman who appreciates feedback, so there it is.

    • Hi Holly — Thanks so much for listening and, yes, I definitely appreciate the feedback. I dream of the day when I have a studio space for pristine audio! I’ve been surprised by how challenging it is, but working on making it better.

  3. I recently started listening to your podcast and am so grateful for the content you are discussing. I am a relatively new teacher, and the more I teach and study, my curiosity continues to be piqued and the more questions I have! Keep spreading your light!

    • Hi Cara! I think I’ve “seen” you on Instagram but I just wanted to say thanks again of your kind words. I so appreciate hearing that the podcast is helpful! All best to you!

  4. What you are bringing to yoga and the world is amazing Andrea. Loved this one! I would definitely be interested in more neuropsych content, I could have listened to Bo for another 2 hours. I found this one particularly helpful as a parent as I have a child who is definitely an empath.

    • Thank you so much, Amy. I appreciate your kind words and I’m so happy you enjoyed listening to Bo!

  5. I loved this episode (and I enjoy all your episodes). She mentioned that she may share a sequence. Are the three above links those, or will that sequence be forthcoming?

    • Hi Amy! Those three links ended up being the sequence. Thank you for listening and for your kind words.

  6. Andrea–I enjoy the podcast and really enjoyed this episode (despite the audio issues). Really substantive, but still conversational. I would love to hear more from Bo.


    • Excellent — thank you for letting me know, Zeke. Bo is one of the most highly intelligent people I’ve ever known and I’m so glad people enjoyed listening to her as much as I do.

  7. Andrea, I LOVE your podcast! I look forward to every episode and feel like we are friends 🙂 You are so articulate and thoughtful in your questioning and selection of guests. I am so thankful for this episode as Bo pulled back some really interesting layers of the mind, and helped revealed to me that part of myself that I didn’t understand before. I would love to hear more from her!

    • Thank you, Summer! It’s funny, I feel like we are all friends, too! So glad to hear you enjoyed Bo. Hoping to have her back!

  8. I just love love love your podcasts!!!! Thank you, as a yoga teacher I’m so grateful for this pool of wisdom you provide xxx

    • Thanks, Daisy!

  9. Brilliant podcast! I work as a neuropsychologist and I am a trained yoga instructor so Bo Forbes is a massive influence in my work. Thank you so much.


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