Episode 233: Five years of Yogaland (and counting!)

Can you believe we’ve been podcasting about yoga for 5 years!?

In this special anniversary episode of Yogaland, Jason and I reflect on he lessons we’ve learned through the years and the things that have surprised us most about our podcast passion project. We also feature your voices and your favorite things about Yogaland. Thanks for being with us on this journey!


Accessible Yoga Community Celebration

Mission Oxygen India

Episode 160: The Science of Stretching (and Strength!) with Jules Mitchell

Episode 134: Sarah Powers on Growth Mindset and Lifelong Learning

Episode 137: How Speed Gets Trapped in the Body with Tias Little

Episode 152: Cyndi Lee – Building Resilience Through Meditation and Sustainable Yoga

Episode 140: Embrace Your Imperfect Best with Jason Freeman

Episode 51: Susan Cain – Embrace Your Quiet Side

Episode 75: Gretchen Rubin – How the Four Tendencies Show Up in Yoga Class


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