Episode 222: Repurposing Yoga Content – All Teachers Need This Shortcut

This week, Jason and I are talking about something I think every modern yoga teacher needs to embrace: The art of repurposing content! 

It can feel like a grind to create new content for every yoga class, every social media post, and every email. Fortunately, you don’t have to.

I’ll let you in on a little secret–no one will mind if you use the same concept or theme in several different ways across different platforms. Most won’t even notice. By repurposing your yoga content, you’ll save precious time and energy, show up for your students, and give yourself space to keep creating, too.

If you’ve ever felt burnt out or overwhelmed by all the different types of content you have to create as a yoga teacher, don’t miss this episode.

PS: If you’re ready to create more content but need some guidance, get on the waitlist for my course Content Blueprint for Yoga Teachers. Repurposing is just one component of this comprehensive course that helps yoga teachers create a sustainable, effective strategy to get their message out to the world.


Get on the waitlist for Andrea’s upcoming course:Content Blueprint for Yoga Teachers

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