Episode 210: 4 Key Ways to Prevent Yoga Injuries

In this episode, Jason and I tackle yoga injuries. There may not be a way to completely prevent all injuries, but we’re sharing some best practices that teachers and students can practice to minimize the risk.

We cover a lot of ground, but here are a few top-level points:

* Why there’s no one “right” way to approach any pose in order to prevent injury.

* The four key things you should consider in regards to injury prevention

* The types of hands-on adjustments that Jason advocates against

* How to find equilibrium and balance in yoga poses


Jason’s Newest Online Course! Better Way to Flow: Preventing and Managing Common Yoga Injuries

The Expert’s Guide to Chaturanga, Part 1

The Expert’s Guide to Chaturanga, Part 2

The Expert’s Guide to Chaturanga, Part 3

The Expert’s Guide to Chaturanga, Part 4

The Expert’s Guide to Chaturanga, Part 5


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