Episode 195: Teaching Yoga Online? Here’s How to Protect Yourself Legally

If you’re a yoga teacher who teaches online, you might wonder if there are extra steps you should take to protect yourself.

The short answer is, “Yes!” But it isn’t as difficult or confusing as you might think.

This week, I ask Sarah Waldbuesser, an attorney for coaches and online business owners, to explain, in simple terms, the legal documents and liability releases for online businesses we need to protect our business.

We cover:

* Why types of legal documents and disclaimers you need on your website to protect you legally

* Is it OK to crowdsource legal documents?

* What precautions you need to take if you offering yoga classes online for free or accepting donations vs. paid online yoga classes or courses

* Plus, we talk about how to find out whether your liability insurance will cover your online yoga classes or not


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  1. This podcast was good to listen. Didn’t know people could sued you teaching a online class. I do have question what if you don’t have website to put the disclaimers?

    Thank you for Clarity on this subject.


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