Episode 194: Yoga for Seniors with Carol Krucoff

Although they are largely ignored when mainstream media covers yoga, seniors age 65 and older are the fastest growing segment in the United States. Today’s guest, Carol Krucoff, has been teaching seniors (and training yoga teachers) for nearly two decades at Duke Integrative Medicine. She’s also co-author of the book, Relax into Yoga for Seniors: A Six-Week Program for Strength, Balance, Flexibility, and Pain Relief. I’m a fan of Carol’s well-researched yet warm and down-to-earth approach to teaching this population.

We talk about how she creates a welcoming, safe environment for seniors, common poses that are contraindicated for conditions like osteoarthritis or heart disease, and what it means to take an integrative approach.⁠


Relax into Yoga for Seniors: A Six-Week Program for Strength, Balance, Flexibility, and Pain Relief  by Carol Krucoff, Kimberly Carson, and Jim Carson

Free Yoga for Seniors class on YouTube (through Duke Integrative Medicine)

Find a well-trained teacher in your area as well as info about Carol’s teacher training: Yoga4Seniors.com

Some Commonly-Taught Yoga Poses May Present Risks for Older Adults

Yoga for Seniors Facebook Group

Twitter:   @CarolKrucoff

Instagram:  carolkrucoff


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  1. Hello,
    I am delighted to see the podcast with Carol go live on your site. Thank you for the support. Please note that under the additional resources that are listed, our new book’s author list is Jim Carson, Kimberly Carson & Carol Krucoff. Please revise the copy so it is an accurate representation.

    All best always,


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