Episode 183: Bringing Yoga Trainings Online During Covid-19

As people across the country are home bound amid the COVID-19 outbreak, in-person yoga classes and teacher trainings have come to an abrupt halt. The entire yoga community has been scrambling as we try to figure out how to best serve our students.

For this bonus episode, Jason and I talk to Shannon Roche and Catherine Marquette from Yoga Alliance to get some clarity on their recommendations for finishing trainings up virtually. (Yoga Alliance has made an exception that trainings that are currently in session may be finished virtually. As of this recording, they’ve said that this exception will last until April 13, 2020, but they are considering extending it for longer.)

Since we know that so many teachers will be moving their yoga classes and trainings online during this uncertain time, Jason and I also chime in with our tips for teaching and learning online.

Here are the highlights:

* We talk about what yoga schools need to do to get the formal OK from Yoga Alliance to continue their teacher trainings and continuing education programs online.

*Jason shares his insights about making the transition to teaching classes online, and gives his tips for best practices to keep students more engaged and the class moving fluidly. This is something that can be a challenge without having a room full of students to read and offer you verbal hints about their energy level and interest on the topics you address.

* Andrea shares her experiences and advice as both as an avid online learner and course creator.

* We also share some of the tools we love to keep track of all of our virtual offerings.


Yoga Alliance COVID-19 Resources 

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