Episode 177: A Young Yoga Teacher Shares His Story

Today, I’m joined by  Tabay Atkins and his mother, Sahel Anvarinejad. Tabay contacted us awhile back to inquire if we’d be OK with a 14-year-old attending one of Jason’s advanced teacher training modules. It turns out that when Tabay was 11, he became one of the youngest certified yoga teachers in the U.S, and he has been teaching donation-based yoga at his mother’s studio in San Clemente, CA ever since.

As a mom myself, I’m always interested in what it takes to help young kids get into yoga and mindfulness, so I thought it would be fun to talk to Tabay about his journey and why he’s decided to deepen his understanding of yoga through advanced trainings. The stories that both he and his mom share warmed my heart, and I know it will warm yours too.

We talk about:

* Why Sahel got her start in yoga and how it made Tabay want to practice even though he was only six years old.

* How Sahel’s experience of healing through yoga led Tabay to want to become a teacher.

* How they discovered vegan cooking and eating together. 

* What we can expect to see from Tabay in the coming years.



Tabay on Instagram

Sahel’s yoga studio, Care4Yoga



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