Episode 174: How to Survive Teaching the Worst Yoga Class Ever

All yoga teachers have their off days. Even those who are as experienced as Jason. This week, Jason’s back on the podcast to share his insights on how to recover from those times when a yoga class you’re teaching just doesn’t work out the way you’d hoped it would. 

He shares:

* Why the class you’re teaching probably isn’t going as badly as you think 

* One thing to be mindful of when you are in the midst of teaching a less than stellar class. (This is what Jason says he struggles with most.)

* Two practical things you can do during class to handle anxiety that might come with feeling like you’re teaching a bad class

* The most important thing to do after you’re finished teaching a class you feel wasn’t up to par

* Plus, a pep talk for teachers who think they’re students aren’t engaged or, worse!, pack up and leave in the middle of class.


How to Survive The Worst Yoga Class You’ve Ever Taught

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Jason’s teaching schedule


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  1. This was such a great podcast to listen to. I have been teaching yoga for 11 years and I still get in my head when I think I’ve taught a bad class. And you are so right when you said, we think it is the worse, then someone comes up to tell us how great it was. Thank you!


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