Episode 144: Ouch! How to Handle Your Sore Sacrum

For almost three years, Jason has resisted addressing your questions about the sacroiliac joint (SI) — mostly because it’s such a complex topic for a podcast. But today! I wore him down. He addresses a listener question about the mysterious sacrum and the soreness that so often comes along with yoga practice.He talks about:

*Why, why, why?? do we so often experience sacral pain in yoga

*What is often happening to the sacrum when we experience pain flare-ups

*The role that the piriformis can play in SI soreness

*How to alter your yoga practice to get out of pain for good


Episode 43: Q&A with Jason – Sacrolliac Pain, Tailbone Cues & Wonky Knees


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  1. Thanks both for this episode. Jason made a comment about not being aligned with some modalities of yoga which stretch the tendons and ligaments. I assume he is talking about yin yoga? If so, is this position based on the yoga world having a bias towards mobility or does he think classes that involve solely passive stretching do more harm than good? Very interested in his thoughts.

  2. Yes, yes, yes, yes – AGAIN! I am SO delighted to hear someone speak to what I have been observing in so many long-time yoga students – particularly women whose pelvises go through so many changes. (And I DID guess the piriformis as stabilizer, BTW!) It has been a personal crusade of mine to get students to appreciate our stabilizing and strengthening needs before to much mobilization results in chronic pain. It’s become a longer and deeper conversation in my Teacher Training program and certainly part of my personal HIIT and resistance training regime as I try to move away from pain and towards a more balanced practice. Thank you for being so clear, accessible and magnanimous around these issues.

  3. Jason, just listened to this one. How do we engage the piriformis in pidgeon? It’s going to be hard to cue for people that aren’t as body aware as yoga teachers. I’m a teacher and I’m sitting here trying to figure out exactly how I do that….


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