Episode 143: Full-Time or Part-Time? Things to Consider as You Forge Your Teaching Path

teaching yoga full-time or part-time | yoga quote by Jason Crandell

In this episode, Jason breaks down what he sees as some of the pros and cons of teaching full-time vs. teaching part-time. The bottom line is this: There’s not one right choice, but no matter whichever direction you choose, there are some challenges to overcome. (And if you’re considering becoming a yoga teacher because you think it would be an easy, relaxed lifestyle, well, you might want to reconsider.)

Here are a few of the things we discuss:

* Jason debunks the myth that yoga teachers have an easy work-life balance and explains why it’s so challenging to make a living as a yoga teacher.

* How being a yoga teacher has changed in the 20 years Jason’s been teaching.

* One of the biggest mistakes Jason sees yoga teachers make when they market themselves. Hint: It has to do with social media.

* Part-time teacher? Say it loud and proud.


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  1. Thank you for including the Recommended Podcasts. I noticed the podcast # isn’t in the Podcasts app (iPhone), so adding this to the start of the title would make for a swift search and download. 🙂

  2. Great advice on things to consider. Jason helped me weigh options of my own yoga career and it was really helpful. I ultimately “retired” completely from yoga. It was a hard choice for lots of reasons but one of the main ones was I felt like leaving the profession was somehow indicative of my love of and commitment to the discipline. But with Jason’s help I can say “retired teacher” loud and proud:) And my dedication to yoga is as strong as it has ever been. Just wanted to share that I think an exit strategy and knowing when to consider it is also important for this career path. Thanks for the great podcast.

  3. Once again Andrea and Jason, you have far exceeded my expectations to the point of wondering where you’re hiding the camera in my home. Thank you for keeping things grounded in reality and while understanding the social media platform’s use, keeping the acceptance of that in check. Your casts are always thought provoking, reassuring, and a treasure trove of learning. Thank you for the effort…you make it look easy, and I love the vulnerability you aren’t afraid to show. Be well!

  4. Love your podcast! There is a song you play a lot in your transition spot … instrumental and upbeat. Can you share the artist? Thanks!!


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