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Episode 135: Jason’s Tips for Teaching Beginners (and Beginning Again)

Teaching yoga to beginners | yoga quotes | Jason Crandell | Yogaland Podcast

Happy New Year!

With a new year comes a flood of new students into yoga classes everywhere. Many of those students will be brand new to yoga, while others have re-committed to their yoga practice.

In this first episode of our series on yoga beginners, Jason shares some tips for how to welcome these new students and make them feel “supported, but not hounded” in the yoga room.

While the series will be geared toward teachers, it’s important info for those yoga students who will be seeing lots of new faces in their classes, too.

We discuss:

* Why it’s so important to put yourself back into the mindset of a beginner if you’re teaching new yoga students

* Jason’s principles for teaching asanas, or yoga poses, to beginners–and how he keeps his classes consistent without letting them get too boring or stale

* A few strategies for making  beginning students feel more comfortable in a new environment and how to be a good host to all of your students

* How yoga teachers can keep their beginning students safe without making them feel called out or inadequate

* More on how the beginning of the year can be an opportunity for yoga teachers to reflect, learn something new, and make tweaks to their teaching approach, too


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  1. Really appreciate your podcast and lovely dynamic as a yogi couple! Looking for link to the Yogaglo Beginners Training? Gratitude ~ Angela

  2. Also filled with gratitude for having found such wonderful teachers as you guys. I’m a huge fan 🙂 Also looking forward to take the Yogaglo Beginners Training. Blessings

  3. As a yoga teacher, I really appreciate all the podcasts, as your tips and insights helps me to be a better teacher. And listening from the perspective of the student helps me to see even deeper. Thank you so much for all the podcasts. Would it be possible to have links to the transcripts? Mostly I listen while I am driving, and often would like to refer back to the section that captured my attention. I try to get Siri to make a note of the time, but sometimes she’s not so cooperative. Thanks and namaste

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