Episode 125: Yoga and Astrology – When the Stars (and Your Chakras) Align

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It was such a pleasure to talk to yoga teacher and astrologer Susannah Freedman for this very special episode. Susannah has been teaching yoga and doing astrology readings since 2010 and has a Masters in Philosophy and Religion, but both her yoga and astrology journeys started during her self-described “hippie childhood.” In this interview, Susannah explains how she sees someone’s chart as their “karmic blueprint.” Unlike some who approach astrology from a prescriptive point of view, Susannah see the chart as a way to help validate or reveal our innate strengths and weakness (or samskaras) so that we can then work through them in this lifetime. The connection she makes between astrology and yoga really made sense to me! And it was so much fun to talk about. Susannah also describes how she combines yoga and astrology in her AstroFlow workshops, she offers her thoughts on seeing the state of the world via the current transits, and she debunks common myths about astrology.

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Susannah Freedman’s website

Susannah’s e-book: Suffer Less, Using Yogic Principles to Live a More Peaceful Life


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  1. Thank you for this! I love the podcast always, but heard this one and had to write a comment. I teach AstroYoga classes/privates and have been studying it for ten years. It’s so wonderful to hear an interview with an inspired, informed, educated AstroYogini!

    I so appreciate you bringing this sort of yoga to the center stage! You’re fabulous!


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