Episode 120: Yoga and Addiction with Nikki Myers

If you haven’t been directly impacted by addiction, there’s a good chance you know someone who has.

Today’s guest, Nikki Myers, a yoga therapist and the founder of Y12SR (Yoga of 12-Step Recovery), shares how yoga has helped with her personal struggles with addiction and  helped thousands of people through Y12SR.

Even if you’ve never been touched personally by addiction, her insights and advice apply to anyone who’s had to overcome a challenge in life.

You’ll learn about:

* Nikki Myer’s personal road to recovery, what she learned along the way, and how yoga helped her heal

* Why an important part of practicing yoga is embracing ALL sides of yourself, and why it’s important not to deny or hide the things you’re less proud of

* How the 12-step program is similar to yoga and why yoga is such a great complement to the 12 steps

* Nikki and Andrea share their thoughts on the opioid crisis and how, as bad as things are, the good that has come from it : It’s forcing government officials and the healthcare establishment to take a look at the emotional side behind the disease of addiction

* What co-dependency really is and how it relates to addiction

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Y12SR: Yoga of 12 Step Recovery

Nikki Myers biography


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  1. This was powerful, inspiring and one hundred percent what I needed to hear today. I am a yoga teacher who recently relapsed after ten years of sobriety. As Nikki asserts in such clear and direct words, we have to do the work to maintain and continue… I also felt disenfranchised by AA fellowship over time, and without the program in my life I can see how my relapse circumstances developed. I am motivated to take Nikki’s training.. This speaks to me on so many levels. Is there a promo code for the online portion of the training through Yogaland or no?
    Andrea, thank you for your wonderful work as well. You and Jason bring such important issues to our communities.
    PS: I was part of Jason’s workshop in McCall ID last month and it was phenomenal.

    • Hi Hilary! I’m so happy to hear that this podcast was helpful to you. I don’t have a promo code — didn’t even think of it. I hope you will connect with Nikki and her work and get the support you need. Love, Andrea

  2. Wow this pod cast has blown my mind.
    You have no idea…

  3. Hi Andrea, I am so loving all your podcasts. Please remind me the email address to send questions for Jason.
    Thank you again.

  4. I’ve been loving your podcast!!! Thank you interviewing a wide range of people. I’ve heard so much about Nikki and it was refreshing to hear such a beautiful conversation


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