Episode 12: Chrissy Carter – Seeing Yoga Poses With Fresh Eyes

Hi everyone!

Hope you are enjoying your summer. To help you enjoy it a bit more, the lovely Chrissy Carter (my guest on this episode) is sharing her lovely Lemonade Recipe, which you can find right here. You could even mix up a batch for yourself while you’re listening to this podcast.

Chrissy (@yogachrissy) is an alignment-based flow teacher who teaches in New York City. She’s been teaching for YogaWorks for 10 years and has 25 teacher trainings under her belt! Yes, 25. You read that correctly. Given that, and given the attentive, caring way Chrissy has about her, we talked about:

* Her former job as a Wall Street trader
* Why she loves a great Iyengar Yoga class and how it helps her see things with fresh eyes
* Why it’s important for teachers to study Iyengar (even if you’re not an Iyengar teacher)
* What it feels like to be an experienced yoga teacher vs. being a newbie
* How cooking is her yoga put into practice
* Her feelings about whether or not students and teachers should be friends

“A skilled yoga teacher has the ability to take one pose and introduce it to you many different ways so that when you come to the pose it’s almost as if you’re seeing it and experiencing it for the very first time.”— Chrissy Carter

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Chrissy’s Minty Lemonade
Chrissy’s Web Site
Chrissy on GaiamTV

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Cory Gray — House Arrest
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Chrissy Carter

Chrissy Carter teaching

Chrissy Carter Cooking {Photo by Melina Hammer}

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  1. I took one of Chrissy’s teacher trainings in 2008 in NY. Soon after training I left the city and moved to Colorado and sadly haven’t taken one of her classes since. Even though it has been 8 years, I think of her and her teaching style often. She has an uncanny ability to make asana, Sanskrit and anatomy accessible to everyone and is by far one of the most endearing and down to earth teachers I have ever met. So happy to hear her voice on the podcast and know she’s just as I left her, inspiring and thoughtful as ever.

    • Hi Erin — I couldn’t agree more with your description of Chrissy. I feel very fortunate to know her! Andrea

  2. Hi Andrea,

    I just want to let you know that I love all your podcasts! 🙂 🙂 They are inspirational, funny, educational and I am looking forward to listening to them. I am a mum of a very active little boy and a yoga practitioner and teacher living in New Zealand and born and raised in The Netherlands. At the moment being a mum is my main role, so I don’t get to see much other yoga teachers/retreats/festivals or training, so your podcasts are so perfect for me and they keep me inspired and feeling connected with the (yoga) world. I also love learning more each time about you, Jason and your beautiful daughter.


    • Hi Jacinta — It made me so happy to read this message — thank you! It’s really beyond exciting to me that I can connect to people on the other side of the world! And I completely understand about not getting to go to in-person yoga events anymore. It’s one of the reasons I am so grateful for the online world! Thanks so much for listening and reaching out. Warmly, Andrea


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