Episode 116: A Natural Approach to Autoimmune Disease with Claire Missingham

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Claire Missingham is back on the podcast this week, and we’re talking about how she’s been using yoga and other natural healing modalities to manage a recent diagnosis of an autoimmune disease.

She tells us:

*How the grief of losing a yoga teacher in her community to suicide led her to start running, learn to swim (as an adult), and compete in marathons and triathlons

*How she became diagnosed with Lupus, and how she manages it through food, adaptogenic herbs, and other natural methods of healing

*Why she takes a freezing cold shower every morning before her yoga practice and wears a bikini in the snow!

*What herbs she found to be most helpful in her healing, travel, and daily life and why she says they’re worth every penny (Plus, she offers a few tips for stretching your dollar when buying and using herbs)

*How her diagnosis  has impacted her asana practice and her thoughts on how yoga is always changing to meet her where she is

Claire Missingham’s Be-All-End-All Smoothie

A spoonful of chia seeds/flax seeds (grind yourself for better for absorption)
1 cup almond milk
1 scoop of coconut manna
½ tsp Maca
Protein powder – Hemp is good or Moon Juice Protein
½ tsp Tocotrienols – This is a powdered form of vitamin E that gives a creamy thickness
Scoop of Plant collagen – currently loving Anima Mundi Herbs
½ tsp Blue magik (blue spirulina)
1-2 Iodine drops for adrenal function
Pinch of Cinnamon – adaptogenic herb great for cutting sugar cravings
1 tsp He Shu Wu to help with oxytocin levels
Couple of dates (Note: Soak dates overnight then remove the outer skin. They are covered in mold spores!)

No ice cubes, keep at room temp, add water as required.
Pop into machine and whizz up, drink immediately

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Claire Missingham’s website

Radiantly Alive podcast

Wim Hof Method

Claire Missingham on Yogaland Podcast Episode 13


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  1. Thank you for yet another interesting and inspiring episode!
    I’m commenting re: the grapefruit and CBD mystery, since I found that interesting at some point.
    The contraindication has to do with CYP3A4 enzyme which is involved in metabolism of many drugs, including tamoxifen. From what I understand, tamoxifen works at least partially through its metabolites (metabolite is a product of metabolism). Both grapefruit and CBD inhibit CYP3A4, so in case of tamoxifen they would reduce the amount of active metabolites in the blood.

    • I love that you researched this 🙂 Amazing — thank you!!

  2. I have never written a review, but I subscribe to your podcast and listen regularly. I find the podcast inspiring. The information is frequently so spot-on, so head-shakingly true. Tonight I listened again to an episode on self-care and then this episode on autoimmune issues. My love of my yoga classes and my teachers is enriched by your podcast. Thank you for your work.


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