Episode 101: Learning, Growing, & Thriving After Injury with Laura Burkhart

Laura Burkhart yoga podcast | Yogaland Podcast

When your body hurts, it can feel like your soul hurts. And when you sustain an injury from yoga, it can be even more rattling. When an injury threatened Laura Burkhart’s yoga practice—and her livelihood—she was forced to dig deep, be creative, and step into a new role as a yoga teacher, too. In this episode, she explains how she survived with humility and humor. (PS: Don’t forget to read Laura’s most recent Yoga Journal blog post: 5 Steps to Recover From Injury )

We talk about:
*Laura’s experience sustaining a hip injury during her yoga practice, how it was diagnosed (when she didn’t have health insurance), and the path she took to begin to heal

*Why she felt it was important to speak out and share the story of her injury with the yoga community

*How she got past the initial frustration and fear around the injury and managed to reframe it, accept it, and finally see the humor in it

*The biggest insight she learned from the ordeal: Don’t get your identity from your physical abilities or your career, but in something deeper and more meaningful

*The advice she has for yoga teachers or practitioners who hope to work smarter instead of harder

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5 Steps to Recover From Injury, On & Off the Mat by Laura Burkhart

Power + Precision + Mindfulness: 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training with Jason Crandell and Laura Burkhart

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  1. Great podcast!
    Would it be possible to share the hip PT mentioned?
    I’ve had hip problems for over 12 years and would love to check this person
    thank you!


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