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I’m Andrea Ferretti. Here’s my straightforward bio: I’m the creative director behind Jason Crandell Yoga Method. I got my first job producing and editing women’s web sites at Women.com in 1996. Since that time I’ve written and produced content on the web, in print, on blogs, videos, and books. I’m also a soon-to-be podcaster! (It will launch soon. I promise.) My work has appeared in Yoga Journal, Rodale’s Organic Life, Beliefnet, iVillage, 7×7, Weekend Almanac, and other pubs.

And here’s the story behind the story. Writing has always been the most natural form of expression for me. When I want to learn something, when I want to connect with people, when I want to savor a feeling, I write.

I’ve also loved movement for as long as I can remember and started dancing when I was four years old. After college, I discovered yoga and about six months in – after a sweaty Mysore class in a tiny yoga studio on Shotwell Avenue in San Francisco – I was hooked.

In 2002, I landed my dream job as an editor at Yoga Journal. In my decade-long tenure there I interviewed some of the greatest American yoga teachers of our time, wrote about my personal struggle with depression, and explored yoga’s influence from every possible angle – from how it’s being used in Ayurvedic spas to school curriculums to whether or not it’s a religion.

I traveled to Hong Kong to check out the yoga scene there and virtually traveled to 10 tiny American towns as well as Tokyo, Paris, Sao Paolo, and Istanbul. What I found is that the experience of yoga is absolutely universal and beautifully cross-cultural. We all want to feel love, to be seen, to function at our very best, and yoga gives us the inner resources to do those things.

As the yoga coach and hiring manager for covers and practice stories, I helped ridiculously talented and devoted yoga teachers show their passion for their craft.

And finally, I met the love of my life and partner in yoga mischief, Jason Crandell, there.

When I’m not doing yoga or cooking, I’m hanging out with my other boss, our three-year-old pixie, Sofia-Rose.

There’s lots of ways you can keep up with me: My social media of choice is Instagram these days, so you can follow me there or send me an email at [email protected].

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