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Essential Sequence: Evening Wind Down

First, a quick, shameless plug: I’ve just announced the dates and location for my 2017 Advanced Teacher Trainings. You can check here for more information and register at LoveStory Yoga. OK, now onto the regularly scheduled program.

I’ve spent many an evening, after a long, hard day doing these poses in our living room while family life happens around me. That might mean that my daughter is jumping on me, or that there’s an occasional sports newscast on in the background. My evening wind down practice isn’t pristine (and yours doesn’t have to be either), but I still find it incredibly helpful to spend a few minutes on self-care in the evening. It provides a buffer zone that helps me relax so that when it’s time for sleep, my mind isn’t buzzing and my body isn’t calling out for more attention.

The evening sequence focuses on stretching the hips, hamstrings, and shoulders – all areas that accumulate tension in daily life. You’ll notice that there are no Sun Salutations at the beginning of the sequence and that’s intentional. The idea is to gently nurture yourself by stretching, breathing, and tuning your awareness to your body and breath. This act of focusing on exactly what you’re doing in your body and breath will help slow down the momentum of your mind so that when it’s time to let go and sleep, it’s easier to do that.

Take 5-10 breaths in each pose and do each side before moving to the next. Rest, savor, and repeat as often this evening-sequence you can!


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{illustrations by MCKIBILLO}


  1. Thank you as always for a wonderful sequence! It comes at a great time for me. I’m in the middle of marathon training and all of the time spent running has made it difficult for me to get to class. So I have been looking for a mellow flow just like this for at-home practice. Incorporating shoulder work is a great bonus as well, especially for runners who have the tendency to tense up like I do. Thanks again! 🙂

  2. Thank you Jason for this wonderful sequence…as a teacher I love being a student first and foremost especially with fantastic teachers like yourself, helps keep me inspired

    1. That’s great, Johnny — thanks for letting me know. Hope it’s a great complement to your other workouts. Jason

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