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Episode 233: Five years of Yogaland (and counting!)

Can you believe we've been podcasting about yoga for 5 years!? In this special anniversary episode of Yogaland, Jason and I reflect on he lessons we’ve learned through the years and the things that have surprised us most about our podcast passion project. We also...

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Episode 219: Tapping into our resilience

As the world edges ever close to the one year mark of being in the midst of a pandemic, many of us are feeling weary. This week, Jason and I talk about resilience -- how it's been tested and how we tap into it using the tools from our yoga practice both on and off the...

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Episode 197: The Goats of Anarchy Episode

This week, you get to hear Jason and I interviewed by Bridget Riepl of New Jersey Yoga Collective. It was part of a fundraiser for Goats of Anarchy -- those goats needed a new bar and we were happy to support. Bridget asked us about a whole host of topics -- from the...

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Episode 193: Yoga Sequences When You’re Short on Time

Wondering what to practice when you're short on time? We've got you covered! Jason shares simple sequence ideas for days when you only have 10, 20, or 30-minutes. RECOMMENDED AND RELATED LINKS Subscribe to our new YouTube Channel!  Episode 80: How to Craft Your Own...

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Episode 192: Our Favorite Poses Right Now

Jason and I share what we are practicing in our own home practice right now. RECOMMENDED AND RELATED LINKS Subscribe to our new YouTube Channel!  Poses We (Now) Love WRITE A YOGA PODCAST REVIEW If you like the podcast, please leave a review or rating on iTunes! It...

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Episode 191: How to Make Your Yoga Practice a Habit

There's a commonly held belief that if you do something for 21 or 30-days straight, you'll create a habit. And while this may be partially true, we have some other thoughts about what might get in your way -- and how to use yoga and mindfulness to help foment your...

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Episode 189: 5 Myths About Doing Yoga at Home

On this episode, Jason busts 5 commonly held myths we have about home practice. Don't let your beliefs about how things "should" be keep you from doing the practice that you love! RECOMMENDED AND RELATED LINKS Subscribe to our new YouTube Channel!  Episode 80: How to...

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Episode 184: How to be an Exceptional Online Yoga Teacher

Learning to teach yoga online is vital right now. But if you're used to teaching yoga in person, it can feel really daunting! On this episode, we break down what you can do to feel more comfortable and truly connect with your yoga students -- even through a Zoom room....

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Episode 173: The Amazing Benefits of Self Compassion

Happy New Year! It’s so good to be back for another season of Yogaland. My wish for you in this new year (and new decade!) is to develop compassion for yourself. And in this episode Jason and I talk about why compassion plays such a huge role in personal development...

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Episode 172: What we learned in 2019

Can you believe this is the last Yogaland episode of 2019? This week, Jason and I reflect on the many ways we’ve changed and grown during the past year, we talk about our favorite episodes, the year’s biggest challenges, and what you can expect from us in 2020. Here's...

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Episode 5: Andrea Ferretti on Self-Acceptance in Yoga

Edited to add: I've been at a loss for words since the tragic shooting in Orlando over the weekend. I want to extend our deepest sympathies to the victims, their families, and friends. I created this podcast long before these events. I don't pretend to have the...

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