Yoga Poses & Sequences

Yoga Poses & Sequences from Jason Crandell Yoga Method

Yoga sequences to inspire your practice and teaching from Jason Crandell. Our yoga blog also includes yoga teacher training advice, useful yoga anatomy information, healthy recipes, yoga pose breakdowns, and yoga sequences for all levels of yoga students. Our most popular sequences are Handstand, Bakasana, Hanumanasana (Splits), Headstand, as well as our morning yoga sequence and evening yoga sequence. Our blog has yoga poses and sequences for all levels — from beginning yoga to advanced yoga and everyone in between. Finally, we talk about the benefits of meditation.

Jason Crandell and Andrea Ferretti

About Jason and Andrea

Andrea Ferretti and Jason Crandell are a husband and wife team who have been teaching, writing about, and living their yoga for nearly two decades. Andrea is creative director for Jason Crandell Yoga Method. Jason is an internationally recognized vinyasa yoga teacher. They live together in San Francisco with their full-time boss, Sofia-Rose Crandell, age 5. To find out where you can train with Jason live, check out the Schedule page.

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