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Episode 159: Live Q&A: Thoughts on Creating Authentic Content and Curriculum

If there’s one topic that eludes yoga teachers most, it’s not the correct angle of the front knee in Anjaneyasana. It’s how to teach yoga and make a livable wage. We recorded this week’s episode live at Jason’s 300-hour training at Lovestory Yoga in San Francisco and answered student questions creating content that’s authentic and sustainable.

We talk about:

* Why quality is so much more important than quantity when it comes to content–even in the fast-paced world of social media

* A few ideas for diversifying your streams of income so you’re not relying solely on public yoga classes to pay your bills

* How to decide how much content to give away

* How to get beyond the daily grind to create a teaching curriculum

* When to hire others to help you scale your business (and what to contract out)


Episode 121: Q&A – Ideas for Building Your Business (And Your Confidence) as a Yoga Teacher

Episode 145: Teaching Part-Time is Still Teaching


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Offering Tree makes it easy to build your own yoga website in about 30 minutes. It includes class scheduling, appointment booking, online payments, email marketing, website analytics, and more. It’s fully customizable and all services are included so it’s easy to get your business up and running. For 20% off your first 6 months, visit OfferingTree.com/YOGALAND now.

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Episode 151: Our Best Online Marketing Tips for Yoga Teachers

online marketing tips for yoga teachers - Jason Crandell quote
Like it or not, if you want to be a full-time yoga teacher today, digital marketing is a part of the job.

It doesn’t come easily to everyone, but through the years Jason and I have figured out what works for us. In this episode, which was recorded at one of Jason’s yoga teacher trainings at LoveStoryYoga in San Francisco, we share our best advice for yoga teachers who are trying to build a following online.

*Our best tips for creating consistent, authentic content for social media when marketing doesn’t come easily. (Particularly, we talk about how to be a storyteller, solve a problem, and start with your wheelhouse, and turn that into content.)

*How to use social media to attract private clients, as opposed to a mass audience.

*When it might be smarter to focus on in-person marketing and networking instead of online

*An easier way to gather student testimonials for social proof

*Suggestions for people who aren’t comfortable posting photos of themselves in yoga postures (and selfies in general!). Plus, Andrea’s tips for taking better photos.

*Advice for teachers who want to expand their teaching online by making yoga videos available online


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Episode 101: Learning, Growing, & Thriving After Injury with Laura Burkhart


If you like the podcast, please leave a review or rating on iTunes! It makes it easier for others to find the podcast. If you don’t know how to leave a review, here are some step by step instructions. Woohoo! So easy!


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2. Care/of is a monthly subscription vitamin service made from high, quality ingredients personally tailored to your exact needs. Their short quiz asks you about your diet, health goals, and lifestyle choices and uses these answers to create personalized vitamin packs just for you. For 25% off your first month of personalized care/of vitamins, visit takecareof.com and enter promo code YOGALAND.

3. Away is a new kind of luggage that is designed to be resilient, resourceful, and essential to the way you travel today. They use high-quality materials at a lower price point than other brands because they sell directly on the Internet. Try it out for 100 days, and if you don’t love it return it for a full refund. For $20 off a suitcase, visit awaytravel.com/yogaland and use promo code YOGALAND at checkout.

4. Ohmme is a company that makes yoga and activewear clothing for men. The fit and function is phenomenal. Plus, their design and manufacturing process is sustainable since they use many recycled materials. For 20% off your Ohmme order, visit ohmme.com and use promo code YOGALAND20.

5. Storyworth makes it easy and fun for loved ones to tell their stories. Simply purchase a subscription for someone you love–like your father for Father’s Day!–and each week Storyworth will send them a question about their life. After a year, stories are bound in a beautiful book. For $20 off, visit storyworth.com/yogaland when you subscribe.

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