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Episode 80: Bonus Episode! How to Craft Your Own Short, Effective Home Yoga Sequences

home practice sequence tips | Yoga Podcast | Yogaland Podcast

You’ve probably heard people say that a short yoga practice is better than no yoga practice. Jason and I heartily agree — but it can still be hard to carve out the time. I think the root problem is that it’s hard to step on your mat solo and know what to do. This episode will help you get over the avoidance. We talk strategy and Jason offers three concrete, easy approaches to creating a home practice sequence that suits your mood, your energy level, and your time crunch.

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Sun Salutations Sequence: Surya Namaskar A
Sun Salutations Sequence: Surya Namaskar B
30-Minute Morning Sequence
Evening Wind-Down Sequence
Whole Body Sequence

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Gifts For Your Foodie Friend Who Always Hosts Your Favorite Parties

Gifts for Foodies

1. White dipped teak tray made by artisans in Uganda, $85. Available in Tom’s Marketplace.

2. Crest Bottle Opener, $65. Made in USA by a Brooklyn design company. Get them here.

3. The best matcha made on this side of the Pacific, $58. And it’s organic! (And remember matcha is packed with antioxidants!) Founder Eric Gower is the best kind of matcha geek — and his teas reflect his passion.

4. Matcha creamer, $38 and

5. Matcha frother, $19 — for whipping up matcha lattes.

6. Because, who doesn’t? By the uber-talented Emily McDowell. $20.

7. Local foods wheel, $15. A colorful reminder of what’s in season & when.

8. Yummi Yogi Cookie Cutters, $8.50. I can’t wait to make Tree-shaped cookies this year! Lots of other poses available, too.

9. Because dessert should be served on the happiest-looking plates ever. Designed by San Francisco artist and color queen, Leah Rosenberg. $30 each.

10.You will never go back to Nutella again after sampling this spread. Trust. $15.80. (And thank you to the student who introduced us to it. You know who you are!)

11. Bright tea towels make every cook happy. These are handprinted with eco-friendly ink by Studio Patro, $15.

12. Crushed Mandarin and Crushed Meyer Lemon Olive Oil, made in Corning, California, $32.95 for the set.

13. Because one green tea isn’t enough — this one from Samovar in San Francisco is bright and grassy, perfect for a green tea newbie. $19.

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