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Episode 91: Q&A – Jason’s Thoughts on Warrior I, Navasana, and “Advanced” Yoga

Jason Crandell quote advanced yoga | Yogaland Podcast | Yoga Podcast

Jason’s back on the podcast this week answering some of the best questions we’ve gotten in about yoga postures and advanced yoga. (Yogaland listeners are a smart, inquisitive bunch!)

We dive into:
* Why Jason rarely teaches  Virabhadrasna I (Warrior I Pose) and how he feels about “squaring” the hips
* What  he teaches instead of Warrior I (and what a relief it is)
* The differences between Paripurna Navasana (Full Boat Pose) and Ardha Navasna (Half Boat Pose) and which one is better for strengthening the core muscles
* What to do when you can’t breathe deeply in twists
* What it means to be an advanced yoga practitioner (it might not be what you think)

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Your Epic Abs Pose: Paripurna Navasana
Essential Sequence: Two Core Yoga Routines
Yoga and Your Core, Part I
Yoga and Your Core, Part II
Creative Core Poses

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Episode 8: Alexandria Crow – Why Fancy Yoga Isn’t Better Yoga

Hello Yogalandia!

On this week’s episode, I talk to Alexandria Crow (@alexandriacrow). If you do not know Alex yet, you want to know her. We often joke that Alex and Jason are like long lost yoga twins — they are people who do not pull any punches. Like Jason, Alex tells it like it is, is deeply knowledgeable about the body, and she believes in the power of self-study and figuring out what works best for your body. You may recognize Alex from many years of modeling for the Hard Tail ads (and at least two Yoga Journal covers, not counting the international covers). But these days, the message that Alex wants to get across loud and clear is this: Fancy poses aren’t the point of yoga.

We talk about:

* What the point of yoga really is
* How you are a unique snowflake! (Admittedly, she doesn’t say it exactly like that.)
* Ego death and how liberating it can be when everything goes wrong
* The importance of taking personal responsibility in your yoga practice
* The problem with 200 hour trainings
* Our favorite comedians of late (This is critical stuff!! Tune in, people!)

From experience I can tell you, if you want fancy….Crow Pose pressed to Handstand ain’t shit. The fancy asanas will never teach you what a gymnast knows. But simple asana and the acceptance of human imperfections will teach you what us gymnasts often don’t know. After 18 years of gymnastics, I can say that with solidity: I choose simple yoga. — Alexandria Crow

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Alex’s Web Site
Yoga Physics Phorum
The Facebook post about gymnastics vs. yoga

Podington Bear — Spring Comes Early
Podington Bear — Movin’ On Up
Podington Bear – Funk

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Alexandria Crow teaching anatomy

Alexandria Crow workshop

Alexandria Crow Downward Dog

Alexandria Crow in Eka Pada Viparita Dandasana

Alexandria Crow Compass Pose

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