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Start Your Year With Self Care

Craving a meditation practice but unsure of where to begin? Do you find it hard to make self care a habit, but easy to put others first? Developing healthy habits takes self-inquiry and commitment – and it also has to nourish you, to feel enjoyable.

This three-week course offers inspiring and practical support to help you carve out rituals and mindfulness practices that work for your life.

The course is for you if:

+ You have every intention of meditating — but you’ve never been able to make it happen consistently. Or at all!

+ You want to fall in love with meditation, but you haven’t yet.

+ You know how essential self-care is to your health and happiness, but it’s hard to put yourself before others  

+ You long for a guilt-free, flexible approach to incorporating self-care rituals and meditation

What’s included:

+ What’s included in this course:

+ 3 audio meditations per week of 10-15 minutes each

+ 1 short bonus audio meditation or breathwork practice per week

+ 3 exclusive video podcasts with Jason Crandell, relating to the theme of that week

+ A Self-Inquiry Journal to reflect on your meditations and apply them to daily life

+ A Self Care Workbook for you to set your intentions and troubleshoot obstacles for the year

Type of course: Online, self-guided

Duration: 3 weeks

Tuition: $97

What students are saying

“Your voice is absolutely perfect for guided meditation and your willingness to share your knowledge and struggles was inspiring.”

– Jeanne Marsh

“I learned so much, not only from the actual meditations and podcasts but also from the written materials as well—they were so valuable that they were almost worth the cost alone.”

– Amy Affelt


I love reading other people’s stories. Truth be told, I love telling my own story, too! That’s why I started writing. I believe that writing can be a portal to your inner life. Genuine writing comes from the quiet parts of us and when we share it with the world, we connect and support each other.

Writing is also a brilliant way to learn about ourselves and to hone our own inner message. It doesn’t have to be a perfect message. It doesn’t have to win a Pulitzer. To be effective and moving, writing simply has to be true.

So often I hear from yoga teachers how hard it is to create authentic content. I totally get it. Right now there are so many opportunities to write and to promote oneself, it’s difficult to know where to begin or how much time to spend. Not to mention, there’s that whole comparison game that social media tends to suck us into.

In early 2020, I’ll be offering a course to help you find that inner voice that wants to tell your story about yoga. That voice is what will help you create sustainable, authentic content without feeling like you want to stab a pencil in your eyeballs or hide under your desk (well, most of the time at least!). That voice will also help you express your teaching to a world of people who might not otherwise enter the doors to your classroom – how exciting is that? What if, instead of dreading creating content, you felt energized to share your story?

In addition to helping you find your voice, I’ll teach you the ins and outs of editorial – from simple line editing to crafting killer pitches to sharing without oversharing.

More details will be available soon. If you’d like to be among the first to know when registration opens, join the mailing list below.

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