Summer Series 2018: Cross Training for the Win with Debbie Steingesser

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A lot of people come to yoga to help them balance some of the activities they do on a daily basis. After all, yoga is a great antidote to sitting in a chair, looking at a computer or iPhone screen, and other things sedentary people do.

But you might not realize that if you’re an avid yogi who practices daily, it can be helpful to add other types of movement into your routine to counterbalance the effects of the yoga asanas.

That’s what today’s guest, longtime vinyasa yoga teacher and CrossFit trainer Debbie Steingesser, came to realize after she suffered a hip injury that required physical therapy and strength training to heal.

This week, I talk to Debbie about how strength training has changed her practice–and her life!

We talk about:

*How a hip injury led Debbie to physical therapy and eventually CrossFit and how that experience changed her view on what yoga could do for her

*What is CrossFit is and how can it be a complementary practice for yoga students

*How the benefits of cross training go beyond the physical

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  1. Hi Andrea!

    I am a little behind on the podcast so I apologize for the delay in commenting, but I want to thank you for doing this interview with Debbie to encourage yogis to spread their wings to try Crossfit/cross training! It’s so interesting how the two groups of individuals are often repelled (for lack of better word) by the other practice, when the two compliment each other so well. I was a competitive crossfitter and coach for several years before coming to yoga, and am so grateful to now have the two in my life!

    I’ve coached Crossfit now for five years, and have been practicing yoga for 4/teaching yoga for 3, and am so pleased to have heard this interview that there are others out there trying to bridge the gap between both worlds! The way Debbie described sneaking “fitness” into yoga classes made me chuckle, because I always try to do the same thing.

    When I first started introducing yoga to my Crossfit gym, we called it Bro-out-Yoga, so everyone felt comfortable talking with each other, but while stretching. However, after 30 minutes of chatter, everyone would begin to quiet and relax . I put them in a final relaxation pose (without calling it savasana) and it was amazing how everyone would completely melt away. They’d come back week after week, hungry for feeling more open, and to feel relaxed in what they later find out to be savasana. The gym now has a “yoga wall” with all sorts of prescribed poses for varying areas of tightness because the patrons are much more open and curious about the practice.

    Again, I thank you for this episode and I have to believe that it encouraged some yogis to go out and try a new workout. If anything, to get them to try some pulling motions (rowing, ring rows, pull ups) since yoga does not have any pulling functional motions.

    Did you ever end up trying Crossfit? 😉

    Your podcast is amazing and tell Jason I can’t wait to do another one of his workshops… I did one a few years back and I take a lot of inspiration from his sequencing. THANK YOU!

    • Hi Summer! That’s so much for your comment and for sharing this great story. I haven’t tried CrossFit yet…but I am going to try something called BodyRok soon, which sounds like Pilates on steroids 🙂 I will report back!!


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