Episode 100: Easy Ways to Improve Verbal Communication with Jason Crandell

improve verbal communication skills

When I first started taking yoga classes from Jason many years ago, I was struck by his voice. He has a voice that draws you in. It’s soothing and encouraging. He speaks in a measured, comfortable pace. And he’s a clear, succinct communicator. In essence, he’s a natural when it comes to verbal communication.

This week, I ask Jason to share how he’s developed this skill set.  And, although this episode is specifically geared toward yoga teachers, the ideas we here apply to everyone. We all have times when clear verbal communication is vital — in client meetings, with our loved ones, during presentations — and some of us struggle with it more than others. My hope is that you’ll gain confidence and clarity from this episode.

We talk about:

* Why improving verbal communication might be the most important skill for yoga teachers

* Using each class you teach as a practice for personal growth to improve verbal communication

* The struggles we (Jason and Andrea) have when it comes to speaking in front of a group

* How choosing one or two takeaways for your students  can dramatically improve verbal communication and your teaching

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Verbal Cues for Yoga Poses – The Easiest Ways to Immediately Improve Your Verbal Communication

Common Errors in Manual Yoga Adjustments – And How to Fix Them


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  1. Hi Andrea and Jason,
    I love listening to your podcasts. I learn so much. You guys make me laugh too! (In a good way) It’s great when I hear there’s a new podcast. I save it for times when I’ve a long journey in my car! My filler word is “lovely”. I’m here in Ireland, teaching in a little village and loving it. Maybe someday I’ll get to one of your trainings
    Thanks so much x

    • Lovely! That’a nice word 🙂 Thanks, Yvonne. Great to hear from you. Warmly, Andrea

  2. Hi Andrea and Jason,

    I love your podcasts and this one was super!! Have been teaching 24 years and am still working on my delivery style haha i think it is always good to try to improve your communication as you said Jason that was a good way to look at it to look at ‘how’ we teach and how we express to our students is a practice in and of itself! Keep up the awesome work i hope one day to attend a training with you in SF or London or?? Best wishes, Lucy

  3. Hi Andrea and Jason,
    I am loving listening to your podcasts while walking my dog in the gorgeous Welsh countryside. Despite being nothing more than a yoga practitioner at home and totally addicted to Jason’s YogaGlo classes for almost 3 years, i actually felt so inadequate when Jason said in this episode that most of his students do another sport or activity alongside yoga. The feeling of not doing enough and not being enough hit me like a ton of bricks. I thought I was nailing it by having an almost daily practice happening! I totally realise this is entirely my issue and nothing at all to do with Jason but it has prompted me to ask the question, is a yoga practice on its own enough?
    Thank you both for your fabulous work, I love it all. Corina

    • Hi Corina! Thank you for the kind words — I love imagining you listening in the Welsh countryside! First: Brava to you for having a daily practice! That is definitely nailing it!! I think you only have to look to BKS Iyengar, who was still quite healthy in his elderly years to have proof that, for many people, yoga is “enough.” I think it really depends on your constitution, your age, and what your profession is. As a person who is right smack in middle age and has a very sedentary profession, I’ve found it helpful to get myself to the gym more often now in order to maintain muscle strength and to get enough walking in. But it sounds like you have a dog to walk, so that definitely counts as exercise! I hope this is helps. Best, Andrea

      • Hi Andrea, Your encouragement is much appreciated, thank you. I will read up on BKS lyengar, thanks for the recommendation. I am also in middle age, turning 5-Oh next year, always been active and on the go, but not excessively. You’re right, I take long walks with the dog most days (he’ll be 17 this year!) and always choose the more intense classes that Jason offers on Yogaglo. I had never considered that yoga alone may not be all encompassing because I feel so much more toned muscularly and mentally but yes, maybe not as aerobically fit as when I was going to the gym. Bummer, it’s a bit of a wake-up call!
        The Bhagavad Gita has just been delivered from Amazon, thanks to you and Jason for discussing it briefly on the meditation podcast and well done you for knowing the answer under pressure, haha! Love you guys, you make me laugh x

  4. Hi Andrea

    Thank you so much for such an amazing Podcast! It was so refeshing! This has really helped me a lot and it’s what I have been looking for as I have been teaching for over 8 years and this is something that I have looked for as guidance to offer my students the the best of teaching and holding a space for them. I recognised many of my fillers as I say “really nice” .

    Love to hear Jason speak and his such wonderful and clear way. Jason is a true teacher’s teacher and your Podcasts have really helped me reignite my planning of class in a simple and clear way. And most importantly they have warmly reminded me of all the things I do with my heart for my students and where I can improve. Teaching is about refinement and is a skill that is developed over years no matter what you are teaching. My passion is teaching and sharing this beautiful practice on and off the mat. Your Podcasts give me such happiness to listen to and are so refreshing and humbling. You are both such a lovely couple and keep sharing your wonderful work. Am sincerely grateful for your wisdom and “light bulb” moments for me. Love from Ireland x

    • We’re just thrilled to hear that the podcast is helpful to you! Thanks so much for your comment and for listening! Warmly, Andrea


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