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Gifts For Your Foodie Friend Who Always Hosts Your Favorite Parties

Gifts for Foodies

1. White dipped teak tray made by artisans in Uganda, $85. Available in Tom’s Marketplace.

2. Crest Bottle Opener, $65. Made in USA by a Brooklyn design company. Get them here.

3. The best matcha made on this side of the Pacific, $58. And it’s organic! (And remember matcha is packed with antioxidants!) Founder Eric Gower is the best kind of matcha geek — and his teas reflect his passion.

4. Matcha creamer, $38 and

5. Matcha frother, $19 — for whipping up matcha lattes.

6. Because, who doesn’t? By the uber-talented Emily McDowell. $20.

7. Local foods wheel, $15. A colorful reminder of what’s in season & when.

8. Yummi Yogi Cookie Cutters, $8.50. I can’t wait to make Tree-shaped cookies this year! Lots of other poses available, too.

9. Because dessert should be served on the happiest-looking plates ever. Designed by San Francisco artist and color queen, Leah Rosenberg. $30 each.

10.You will never go back to Nutella again after sampling this spread. Trust. $15.80. (And thank you to the student who introduced us to it. You know who you are!)

11. Bright tea towels make every cook happy. These are handprinted with eco-friendly ink by Studio Patro, $15.

12. Crushed Mandarin and Crushed Meyer Lemon Olive Oil, made in Corning, California, $32.95 for the set.

13. Because one green tea isn’t enough — this one from Samovar in San Francisco is bright and grassy, perfect for a green tea newbie. $19.

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