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What makes the Power + Precision+ Mindfulness 200-Hour Training so valuable?

  • Teaches the foundations of the P+P+M, giving you a clear template to work with while teaching.
  • Offers support and techniques to clarify your values and purpose as a teacher.
  • Helps you sharpen your communication skills including verbal cueing and pace, while you find your own voice.
  • Demystifies complex anatomy into accurate, easy-to-communicate themes.
  • Incorporates ancient philosophical wisdom and modern contemplative practices to support your own deep inner transformation.
  • Includes a 155-page P+P+M training manual packed with original technical illustrations, sequences, and insights.
  • Includes supervision and direct coaching from Jason, who has been teaching for more than 15 years.



200 Hour Training Details

The 200-Hour Teacher Certification Program is an intensive 27-day program designed to provide you with the knowledge, experience, skill, insight, and confidence for you to meet your deepest needs as a student and to find your voice as a teacher.

The program provides comprehensive training in asana technique, anatomical precision, mindfulness teachings, and vinyasa yoga teaching methodology.

Participants who have never been certified to teach will learn everything necessary to teach intelligent, foundational classes. Experienced teachers that already have teaching certificates will refine their skills and clarify their teaching voice so that they can become the most authentic and intelligent possible teacher.


The training will take place at the renowned yoga studio triyoga, in the Soho district of London. The light-filled, tranquil studio is in the heart of one of the most buzzing neighborhoods London where great shopping and restaurants are abundant. (You’ll find me each morning enjoying coffee at Fernandez & Wells.)


August 1st to 30th, 2014. There will be three days off.

Who is it for?

Aspiring teachers, seasoned teachers, and devoted yoga students who are ready to move deepen their practice and find their purpose. Upon full completion of the course (which requires 90% attendance), you will receive your certification as a Power + Precision + Mindfulness teacher and RYT-200 with the Yoga Alliance.

Typical Schedule

We’ll gather together from 9am to 5pm each day. Expect two to three asana practices each day plus group discussion, meditation and pranayama, and partner work.

What can I expect?

Full immersion into the Power + Precision + Mindfulness approach to vinyasa yoga.

Precise technical knowledge of the asanas, pose categories, sequencing, pace, functional anatomy, and injury management.

The opportunity to improve your verbal cueing and hands-on adjustments, with direct feedback from Jason.

A clear, guided path to help you uncover your values and use your authentic teaching voice.

Tell me more about the method:

You’ll receive a 150+ page manual with detailed curriculum and step-by-step advice on teaching a class and running a classroom.

Here are the values, principles, and components that inform the curriculm:


  • Practice and teach strong, dynamically-paced vinyasa yoga without sacrificing detail, awareness, or safety.
  • Create meaningful, effective, and authentic sequences that challenge students without putting them at risk of injury or burnout.
  • Develop balanced, sustainable strength in your body and mind.
  • Use your breath to support your movement and soothe your nervous system.
  • Learn to help students minimize the risk of new injuries and manage existing injuries.


  • Explore and internalize accurate postural alignment for a more effective, efficient, and sustainable practice.
  • Gain techniques for directing your students’ attention to their own inner experience.
  • Learn to structure the beginning, middle, and end of your class so that students have complete, balanced experience.
  • Learn to see and understand bodies more accurately.


  • Explore a non-dogmatic, comparative understanding of yoga and Eastern philosophy.
  • Learn to think critically and discover which philosophical inspirations support your path of growth.
  • Develop skills to incorporate philosophical wisdom in your classes.
  • Learn to gracefully incorporate seated meditation and mindfulness techniques in your classes.

Enrollment Process

Visit Triyoga.com and fill out the application to register.

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