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Working with devoted students and yoga teachers and watching them evolve is what keeps me passionate about teaching. Here's what a few of my recent trainees are saying about training with me:

  • Being quite new to yoga, I’ve taken every chance to train with as many different teachers
    as possible. Among the 150 yoga teachers I have come in contact with Jason is the most
    no-nonsense teacher of them all. For me his 300 hour teacher training was the perfect blend of traditional/classical yoga and modern common sense. The structure of the teaching was even better than my high expectations, and I appreciated Jason’s skillfulness at staying on subject and not getting sidetracked.

    Thanks to all the practical tips and advice I feel more confident and empowered when teaching my classes after taking this training.

    One more thing, and the one I believe is most important of all–Jason does not belittle or talk down on anyone or any style. He’s the most diplomatic and patient yoga teacher I’ve met.

  • Thank you so much for your guidance in the training. Everyday I went home with a new bit to chew on. I really appreciated and valued your pragmatic approach to the practice and to teaching and how you question without being attached to the results. It helped me begin letting go of certain ideas that had been causing me to question my ability. It never occurred to me that certain alignment cues could be challenged. So many traditional ideas have always seemed immutable, so it was great to hear a senior teacher encourage critical thinking.  
    Everything you gave us was so valuable and helped me begin rebuilding my confidence as a teacher. Thank you, thank you, thanks!

  • The 5-day training in Portland was, honestly, the most impactful yoga training I’ve done. It reminded me why I began a daily practice five years ago and decided to begin teaching shortly thereafter. The deep knowledge, passion for the practice, humor, and humility you brings to your teaching is such an inspiration to me. I’m very grateful to have had the opportunity to learn with you and that very special group of yogis.

    Benjamin Leslie Sonoma, CA
  • Before training with Jason, I contacted him as I was fearful that as an older and not particularly flexible teacher I may not have the capacity to complete the course. Jason assured me that I should come on board.  I did – I’m 100 hours into a 300-hour course. 

    Jason’s teaching has great clarity, he is totally professional, focused, and inclusive. He has a deep understanding of yoga that he has gained through experience, practice, and exploration of different schools of yoga and philosophy. Jason conveys his extensive knowledge of anatomy not only with visual presentations and his trusty skeleton, but with students in the class. As we begin to understand how our bodies work differently from each other in the asanas, we learn how to look and to really see.

    The students clearly appreciate the level of understanding and effort that Jason puts into the training. He challenges us to look at the way we’ve done things in the past and to question why we do them that way—everything is up for grabs and we are really having to work, listen, focus and think. So many questions, so many ideas, so much information.  It’s been exhausting but energizing as so much enthusiasm and inquiry is stoked by the training.

    Training with Jason has totally enhanced my approach to my own practice and my teaching. The feedback from my class has been so positive and I am very excited about the 200 hours of training left to come.

    Anne McCarthy Nottingham, England
  • A training module with Jason delivers exactly what it promises on the box – you will take your yoga practice and teaching to the next level.

    As an educator, I found Jason to be wonderfully articulate and organized, with an innate gift for communicating his knowledge to others. The benefits to both my personal practice, as well as my abilities as a teacher can only continue to grow under his expert guidance and world-class syllabus. After completing my first 100 hour training with Jason in the UK this year, I am looking forward to the next two modules with greater anticipation.

    Melanie Morgan-George United Arab Emirates
  • Loved each day as it unfolded, from a foundation of gorgeous asana practices led by Jason into useful theory connected to the physical practices we’d just completed (and always in coordination with whole program). The days ended with another asana practice, getting the last bits and pieces sorted in mid and body and sending us all home in a state of bliss.

    In teacher training, often times the asana practice is downsized since it is regarded as something we can manage ourselves. But many of us we learn through our bodies and we get inspired by skillful teachers like Jason. The connection Jason creates with practice and theory is remarkable. It makes sense on all levels and thus provides a real chance for his students to evolve.

    Jason’s patient way of answering everyone’s questions two or three times—as well as allowing people to express all kinds of emotions, thoughts, and ideas— is unique! He managed to create a space where we all felt good and safe, and it made the whole experience fantastic.

    I also appreciated that we followed a schedule and even though we had time for discussions and personal comments, Jason did not lose track of time, skip topics, or practices, or other important stuff.

    I am thrilled that I still have a couple of 100 hours teacher trainings to do with Jason at Triyoga.