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Episode 147: Jason’s Take on Yin Yoga

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Since Jason so often emphasizes the importance of building strength — especially along the posterior chain (back side) of the body, I get asked all the time, “What does Jason think about Yin yoga?” For the Season 1 Finale, we decided to take on this topic. Yin is a popular style of yoga that emphasizes long, passive holds of various (mostly floor-based) poses.

In that light, Jason and I talk about:

* What happens to muscles when you stretch them passively for more than 60 seconds

* Why it’s never a good idea to stretch ligaments

* Who might be a good fit for a regular Yin practice and who should be more cautious

* Why it’s important to include strength building practices, especially for the posterior chain, if you’re going to regularly practice passive stretching

* The most important type of strength for injury prevention, and some examples of how to do it


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