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Episode 114: The Good, Bad, & Ugly of the Ego with Sally Kempton

Sally Kempton ego quote | yoga philosophy podcast | Yogaland Podcast

I’ve been thinking a lot about ego lately. I’ve been talking to Jason’s teacher trainees about social media strategy and putting yourself out there. And yet, I personally feel like social media brings out the most immature aspects of my ego. I thought it would be a good refresher for all of us to think about what yoga teaches us about the ego.

This week, Sally Kempton and I talk about the purpose of the ego, misunderstandings around it (no, you don’t ever annihilate your ego — if you did, you probably wouldn’t shower or pay your bills on time), and how to approach it from a yogic perspective. We get into how our ego is potentially affected by social media, and how our awareness of pure awareness (or consciousness or divinity depending on which language works best for you) is what can help us relax our ego when it’s triggered.

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Sally Kempton’s website

Sophisticated Ego by Sally Kempton – published in Yoga Journal in 2006

Byron Katie – The Work


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Episode 34: Sally Kempton — What’s a bad-ass, angry yogi to do?

I bet you can conjure it up pretty easily: The image of the calm, benevolent yoga teacher who NEVER GETS ANGRY. You might wish that you were that person. And perhaps such people exist. But the rest of us mere mortals get pissed sometimes. And sometimes getting pissed is OK and warranted. The question is, how do you take your anger and channel in ways that are positive? How do you learn and grow from your anger? What’s beneath the subtext and how do you cope?

I’m happy to have Sally Kempton back on this episode to answer all of my burning, raging rage questions. This is one of my favorite episodes to date! I’d love to know if you found it helpful.

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Episode 4: Sally Kempton – Ideas, Insights, & Self-Inquiry Practices for Fear

I have a distinct memory of the very first time I meditated. It wasn’t my first attempt, rather it was the first time I felt surrender and contentment that I hadn’t yet experienced. It was in a decidedly unglamorous setting — I was sitting in a folding chair in an overly air-conditioned hotel ballroom. What enabled my experience of meditation was the teacher — Sally Kempton. Sally is a uniquely powerful meditation teacher who has a deep understanding of the human experience and offers loving, practical, doable practices for the emotional states we all face.

This week Sally (@sally_kempton) shares her insights and self-inquiry practices for coping with an emotion we all face from time to time — fear. During our conversation, she shared so many great ideas, among them:

* The simple power of exploring challenging emotions during meditation to help you cope and feel happier in daily life
* How to find fear in your body and create space around it
* A practice for holding and comforting yourself
* The importance of finding a meditation teacher or, at least, friends who you can talk to about the obstacles and fears that come up during meditation
* The power of mantra when you’re facing fear

“Asking yourself the question, ‘How can I serve something higher than my own ego?’ is a really powerful way to overcome fear as you walk through life.”  SALLY KEMPTON

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