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20 Insights to Set You Up as a Successful, Skillful, Happy(!) Yoga Teacher

The phrase, “teachers learn from their students,” is even more salient when your students are seasoned teachers themselves. Recently, my Advanced Teacher Training module in London was drawing to a close, and I asked the more experienced members of the group–many of whom have been teaching for years–to share one piece of advice to the aspiring teachers in the room. As the trainees started answering, I realized that we needed to document and post the conversation. For some of you, these tips will be new pieces of wisdom that you can apply to your teaching. For others, they will be a nice confirmation and reminder of what you already know. Either way, I truly believe that these insights will help make you a more skillful, successful, and satisfied teacher.

If you’d like to join this brilliant group of students to deepen your practice and advance your teaching, there are a few spots in my next two 100-hour modules in London! I had a great time teaching the first module — there’s nothing I enjoy more than engaging with bright, inquisitive students. I always learn so much and it’s a thrill to see people grow into themselves. I would love to see you there. (Dates are August 5th-18th, 2015 and January 15th-28th, 2016) Click here for all the details.

On being true to yourself:
Michael Hoyer
1. “Learn what you need to do hold the space energetically and vocally. It’s a disservice to yourself if you are meek, too quiet, or apologetic about perceived failings. Be a conductor of that symphony of bodies. Move around the room and let students hear and feel your presence.”
Michael Hoyer, USA

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#YogaFamily: Our Favorite London Spots

If you keep up with Jason, you know that he’s going to be in London three times in the next year, hosting a teacher training at triyoga. I am not exaggerating when I say that London is one of our favorite places on the planet for so many reasons — in a nutshell, fabulous food, warm and witty people, gorgeous parks, amazing history and art…

So, as we gear up to head across the pond (in less than two months!), I am finally getting around to sharing our photos and favorite spots from our trip last August. This time around we were fortunate enough to stay in Primrose Hill, which is stunningly gorgeous and perfect with a toddler. Tons of parks, cafes, and family friendly restaurants and the zoo was a short walk from our house. We stayed in the neighborhood quite a bit on this trip because the Tube rides and crowds were too overwhelming for a sensitive, jet-lagged two-year-old.




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Find Your Voice. Refine Your Skills. Become the Teacher You Want to Be.

It’s a mantra I find myself repeating over and over again: If you study with me, I want to help you find your own voice. This takes time, and devotion, and practice. My job in the training room is to provide a safe space for you to explore who you are and to provide valuable, compassionate feedback.

When you commit to training with me, you’re really committing to yourself, to your practice, to your personal growth. I’m thrilled to be able to offer a 300-hour training in London this year that’s split into 100-hour modules. You can come to all three or choose to attend them individually.

Each module will help you shore up areas that need your attention — whether it’s your understanding of anatomy, your verbal communication, your sequencing, or your ability to express yourself effectively.

I put this video together to help capture what it is I hope to offer with these trainings. I hope you enjoy it and hope to see you soon! (For dates and details, take a look at my 300-Hour Teacher Training page.)

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