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Episode 68: Jason Crandell on Having a Strong Point of View Without Minimizing Others

Jason is back and he’s sharing just a few of the values he hopes to pass onto his teacher training graduates. We talk about — how do you develop a strong, personal point of view without minimizing others’ points of view? And is yoga a discipline that changes over time — are we allowed to revise?

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  1. Regarding individual teachers teaching poses differently, do you think it is acceptable to do a pose the way that you learned it with another teacher even if the current teacher is instructing you to do it in another way?

  2. I just wrote a FB post yesterday about being excited to have Jason coming back to Chicago, what it means to be a good teacher and how influential teachers have been to me. I hadn’t even listened to the podcast so it now that I have it seems like coincidental timing! Looking forward to Jason being back at yogaview:)

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